Oh mine gosh, we can’t number out if this is sweet or entirely weird!YouTube creators Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal revealed top top Aug. 5 that not just did they share a an initial girlfriend, yet they likewise had their first kisses with the same girl! We have actually all the stunner details, right here.

Rhett and Link are finest friends. They’ve been making effective YouTube videos together for over a decade (racking up a chuck 4.2 million subscribers), but more importantly, they’ve been best friends since first grade! since they’ve to be so close because that so long, they’ve make some very awkward memories together — like having their first kiss through the exact same girl!

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At the YouTube TCA dashboard on Aug. 5 in Los Angeles, the duo revealed that when they to be younger, lock both had actually their an initial kiss through a girl called Amber. No at the very same time, the course, however still… what? If you thought that was simply a weird thing that periodically happens with kids who have the same team of friends, you could be shocked to learn they also had the same first girlfriend, that was one more girl named Leslie. Crazy!

They carried up the story due to the fact that it actually inspired their brand-new series Rhett and also Link’s buddy System, in i m sorry “Rhett & link must go out of their method to regain manage of their internet empire from their common co-ex-girlfriend who is currently an evil Infomercial Queen hold a very huge secret over your heads.” They said that castle “combined the two” genuine girls to accumulate the character. For this reason funny!

They verified an exclude, clip in ~ the event, i beg your pardon allisonbrookephotography.com have the right to tell you featured a desperate moment between the buddies as soon as Rhett reveals to link that he had gone to space Camp one summer together a kid, and also never told him since he didn’t want to pains his feelings. In a hilarious ceremony, that bestows upon that a wing pin, and it just shows just how goofy, fun and emotional the brand-new scripted comedy will be.

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Plus it will also feature “Saturday Night Live” alums Molly Shannon and also Chris Parnell, and Leslie Bibb and page Kennedy. Us can’t wait to check out it this fall!

allisonbrookephotography.comrs, have you ever before kissed or date the same human as your friend? to be it awkward?! Share your thoughts with us!