Magenta is just one of the personalities of The Rocky Horror Sjust how, a musical manufacturing that premiered in 1973. She is the maid of the castle and is additionally a Transylvanian. She is the sister of the butler Riff Raff, who is additionally shelp to be her lover and also they have an abusive relationship.

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Magenta doesn’t talk a lot during the show, but she often appears, normally doing stuff that Dr. Frank-N-Furter asks her. She is likewise presented as someone a little childish, making her initially appearance while sliding down the railing of the stairs, and also has actually bipolar emovements. She can cry one minute then laugh loudly on another. Magenta is additionally a crazy character that appears to have actually a weird sense of humor, laughing loudly as the guests ran away after seeing that the dinner they’re meant to eat is the dead corpse of Eddie. This short article is a Magenta costume tutorial.

The Rocky Horror Picture Sjust how | Magenta Costume Guide


Parts you may need

1. Full Magenta Rocky Horror Costume Check Price

2. Red Magenta Wig Check Price

3. Black High-Heeled Boots Check Price

4. Tight Grey Stocmajesties Check Price

The Best Magenta of The Rocky Horror Sjust how Cosplay Ideas

As the maid of the castle, Magenta dresses the part since she is mainly viewed in The Rocky Horror Show wearing the maid’s outfit. Her appearance additionally matches her crazy and bipolar personality, looking stoic one moment then crazy the next.

This cosplay guide will certainly attribute Magenta’s complete costume. It consists of a babsence full maid’s outfit, complete through a top that has a white collar and also white cloth at the opening of the sleeves, and a bottom skirt. It additionally comes with a tiny white apron that is attached to the maid’s outfit favor a jumper. The cosplay collection will additionally come with a white maid’s hat, a pair of earlier high-heeled boots, and also a pair of tight grey stocmonarchs. The cosplay collection is completed with a red curly wig that is shoulder size to recurrent Magenta’s crazy looking hairstyle.

Magenta’s character is not much of a talker, specifically during the early parts of the show. But her visibility is always tbelow, complying with Dr. Frank-N-Furtur’s orders or following her lover/brvarious other roughly. She’s also a bit childish and also crazy, which is seen in her antics and actions.

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But what Magenta desires is to go back house to their earth. She and her brvarious other long for residence, yet they can’t execute anything because Dr. Frank is their leader. They lastly took matters into their own hands, killing Frank so she and also her brother deserve to go ago home. Despite her crazy and childish antics, Magenta is an attrenergetic womale. It makes her an excellent cosplay choice, specifically as soon as it involves cosplaying personalities from The Rocky Horror Sjust how. If you look at the Magenta cosplay photos, you deserve to view that she is a great costume option that human being have the right to wear during Halloween or costume parties.