Who is Romeo Santos and also what is his net worth 2020? Antony Santos, that is professionally well-known as Romeo Santos was born in New York, USA. The impressive star created a band-The Aventura and via his talent and ability he was able to take this band to brand-new heights. Romeo got fame global for his band also Aventura. The success of this band also has actually magnified the net worth of Romeo Santos. The band separation yet the members rejoined in the year 2016 to give amazing and also mind-boggling concerts to the fans.

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Early Life

Antony Santos, who is recognized by the phase name of Romeo Santos was born on July 21, 1981 in New York, USA. Romeo is a effective and an amazing singer, songwriter, actor, document producer and the lead vocalist of Aventura from America. Romeo was born to humble and kind parental fees. His father operated in the construction company and his mom was a housewife. Romeo is well-known in the entire people for his band- The Aventura. Romeo started this band with his cousin and also 2 friends in the early 90’s. The band released an album Trampa De Amor and after the launch the name of this band also was transdeveloped to Aventura.


Romeo’s father was a Dominideserve to and his mom was a Puerto Rihave the right to. Romeo has actually constantly kept his individual life very personal. In one of the interviews Romeo said that he doesn’t choose reflecting his girlfriend to everyone. Romeo has actually a son Alex from his ex-girlfrifinish. Romeo’s elder sister and also uncle assist him in his company and also Romeo considers both of them an essential part of his life.


Romeo’s career started with the formation of a band also Aventura. Romeo was the lead vocalist and the major songwriter of this America based Bachata band also. The made gained fame in the year 1999 and also the band also knew just how to blfinish Bachata music right into hip hop or pop. The band offered an exceptional and mind-blowing hit in the year 2004; Obsession. The song obtained appreciation international. The band also separation in the year 2011.

After the split, the band also rejoined when aobtain to perform concerts for a month beginning from February 8, 2016 to February 28, 2016. Romeo obtained a lot of appreciation for his solo hits and many type of of his solo songs made it to the top of the Billboard. Romeo has actually also proven his fans that he is great in whatever he does. He made his deyet in the film industry by appearing in a Dominihave the right to movie, “SankyPanky” and made his dehowever in the Hollylumber by acting in Rapid and also Furious 7.

Romeo has actually been offered admiration for the marvellous and exceptional job-related that he has actually given to the sector. Romeo got nomicountry for many kind of awards and also also won many kind of awards. Romeo was felicitated via the Billboard award, 17 Billboard Latin music awards, 7 Premios Juventud awards, 28 ASCAP awards and many type of more.

Net Worth of Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos is just one of the many popular pop singers throughout the globe. Romeo marketed the Yankee stadium twice in his career. The approximated net worth of celebrity is roughly $35. Romeo’s first single “You” from his first album “Formula” released in the year 2011. The song made it to the peak of the Billboard list. The excellent personality has approximately 200 subscribers on YouTube and one of his songs has actually been regarded about 350 million times on YouTube.

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Romeo Santos is a star that has actually made it massive in his life. Romeo has many fans. People almost everywhere the world respect and also are inspired by him. Romeo is a really exclusive perboy and in spite of being such a famous personality, Romeo has been able to store his personal life amethod from the media.