A loving yet imperfect working-class household led through its "domestic goddess" mommy was the communication of this classic, long-running sitcom.

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Episode 1

Call Waiting

Tue, Sep 17, 1996 30 mins

In the Season 9 opener, Roseanne holes up in ~ Jackie"s on a "spiritual odyssey" in front of the TV, mesmerised through the sitcom couples she flourished up with.

Episode 2

Millions from Heaven

Tue, Sep 24, 1996 30 mins

The Conners feel like the Duke and also Duchess of an excellent Fortune after winning the lottery.

Episode 3

What a Day for a Daydream

Tue, Oct 1, 1996 30 mins

Hugh Hefner shows up in Roseanne"s daydream that a seductive photograph shoot.

Episode 4

Honor thy Mother

Tue, Oct 8, 1996 30 mins

when Roseanne plans a spa trip, Dan struggles with unanswered thoughtful questions and worries about a household member.

Episode 5

Someday mine Prince will Come

Tue, Oct 15, 1996 30 mins

A Moldavian prince develops a royal crush ~ above Jackie after ~ seeing she on TV.

Episode 6

Pampered come a Pulp

Tue, Oct 22, 1996 30 mins

Roseanne and Jackie struggle the fight of the bulge during their sojourn at a spa.

Episode 7

Satan, Darling

Tue, Oct 29, 1996 30 mins

Edina and Patsy are guests---with Roseanne and Jackie---at a soirée that becomes a "Rosemary"s Baby" endure for Roseanne.

Episode 8

Hoi Polloi Meets Hoity Toity

Tue, Nov 12, 1996 30 mins

A visit with the Wentworths ~ above Martha"s Vineyard provides the Conners a glimpse right into Astrid"s dysfunctional family.

Episode 9


Tue, Nov 19, 1996 30 mins

Roseanne war a team of women-hating terrorists who hold her family and a international diplomat hostage top top a train.

Episode 10

Home Is whereby the Afghan Is

Tue, Nov 26, 1996 30 mins

Thanksgiving isn"t the same with Dan away, and with a caterer preparing the turkey feast in the brand-new kitchen.

Episode 11

Mothers and Other Strangers

Tue, Dec 3, 1996 30 mins

Bev looks for answers from her free-spirited mum, while Roseanne awaits Dan"s return v trepidation.

Episode 12

Home because that the Holidays

Tue, Dec 17, 1996 30 mins

The family members welcomes Dan residence with open up arms at Christmas, yet Roseanne is surprised through the it will be cold reception she gets from she hubby.

Episode 13

Say the Ain"t So

Tue, january 7, 1997 30 mins

Jackie threatens to call Roseanne around Dan"s work in California, but an initial Jackie must face a harsh truth around her own love life.

Episode 14

Hit the Road, Jack

Tue, january 14, 1997 30 mins

as Dan package his bags, Roseanne drowns she sorrows in fast food, and also DJ find a soul mate to share his troubles.

Episode 15

The battle Room

Tue, jan 28, 1997 30 mins

Friends and also family try an intervention after they"re can not to rouse Roseanne the end of bed, wherein she"s lying low amid piles the junk food.

Episode 16

Lanford"s Elite

Tue, Feb 11, 1997 30 mins

Roseanne and Jackie hobnob at the nation club v Lanford"s upper crust, consisting of the kid of their previous boss at the plastics factory.

Episode 17

Some fascinating Merger

Tue, Feb 11, 1997 30 mins

Edgar and also Roseanne wrap increase the Wellman plastic buyout however want to continue spending time together.

Episode 18

A second Chance

Tue, Feb 18, 1997 30 mins

Dan sweeps by to take Roseanne the end for a ride, however just together they"re in the process of make up, a frantic contact comes in indigenous Jackie.

Episode 19

The Miracle

Tue, Feb 25, 1997 30 mins

together the fate that Darlene"s infant hangs in the balance, the Conners discover themselves unable to help despite your wealth.

Episode 20


Tue, Mar 4, 1997 30 mins

Leon and also Scott meet Bev"s friend, the singing, card-playing Joyce; DJ and also Heather gain passionate; Jackie accompanies note to a rings match.

Episode 21

The truth Be Told

Tue, Mar 18, 1997 30 mins

Network execs are eager to do a movie around lottery winner Roseanne, who"s appalled to learn exactly how one desires to sanitise her life.

Episode 22

Arsenic and also Old Mom

Tue, may 13, 1997 30 mins

Dan"s mum come in Lanford after ~ she"s exit from the hospital. Yet now Dan think she"s make the efforts to kill him.

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Episode 23

Into That an excellent Night

Tue, might 20, 1997 30 mins

Family and also friends gather because that a homecoming party for Darlene and also David"s new baby. Component 1 of two.

Episode 24

Into That an excellent Night

Tue, may 20, 1997 30 mins

The domestic Goddess says goodbye in a collection finale celebrating her brand-new granddaughter and bringing an notice from Leon and Scott.