The mummified corpse of an infamous music producers is found on a yacht in Rosewood season 2 episode 11. Because that a refresher on what occurred last week, check out my recap of episode 10.

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Rosewood season 2 illustration 11 opens up on a music video. Selena Monae, the pop star in the video clip fights with her producer, Jeff Rodriguez. The grabs her and also says, “Listen to me, you tiny bitch.”

Two mainly later, Rosewood’s team come at the scene as soon as Jeff’s body is fine. Ira Hornstock and also Annalise Villa wonder why simply the team verified up, no Rosewood himself. Mitchie Mendelson make the efforts to assure them the they won’t even notification the difference.

Joo Joo phone call Villa to choose up Rosewood. Once she find him, he’s plainly been partying every night and still appears intoxicated. She tells Joo Joo to make sure he showers before going the end in public.

Back in ~ the lab, they examine Jeff’s body, which has actually been mummified in a short duration of time v a perfect storm of circumstances. An initial they have to confirm the the human body is in reality Jeff, because it’s beyond being recognizable.

Rosewood, TMI and also Pippy Rosewood are working on analyzing the body when they see a news report. The police are surrounding the house of Little V, a producer that hated Jeff.

Little V FaceTimes the police and also says, “I ain’t leaving the crib until my lawyers gain here.” Rosewood approaches tiny V’s house and also claims the he’s a lawyer in stimulate to gain entry.

Rosewood goes the end to a bar. As soon as Joo Joo mirrors up, Rosewood accuses that of just using him to mooch turn off of. After Joo Joo leaves, Rosewood finds the end from the bartender the Joo Joo has been payment his tab because that him.

At the lab, Rosewood pays Pippy for the past two weeks. She notices the it’s in cash and also asks wherein he acquired the money, but he doesn’t answer. She decides no to press the issue and also turns come lab results for Jeff’s yacht.

Rosewood call Kayla, the daughter the Tawnya, the woman who robbed him. She find Rosewood and tells him the she’s happy he called. She says, “My name’s no really Kayla and also everything you know around me is a lie.”

She claims that her real name is Yonce McGill, she’s twenty-two and she’s not Tawnya’s daughter. She tells him, “You were simply my next path come a heat bed, a decent meal and also not having to market myself to a stranger.” She speak him the she walked away from Tawnya and didn’t receive any of his money. Rosewood tells Hornstock, “Book her.”

Rosewood and Villa go back to the dock where Jeff’s body to be dragged. Rosewood finds taser confetti top top the ground, i beg your pardon is traceable come the gun that fired it.

Villa and also Rosewood bring in Jeff’s childhood friend Jamil. They call him the they uncovered the taser gun supplied in the crime in his apartment. They call him that they’ve realized Jamil was in love with him, however Jeff remained in love with someone else.

At the finish of the episode, Rosewood gets back his car, which he marketed in bespeak to acquire cash to pay his employees. He and also Villa drive off come the coast in the car and scream come let out their feelings.

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