Basic Specs the the 1600 MX overcome Cut

Level 3 Security paper entry width: 8-7/8" Capacity: as much as 16 sheets shred Size: 5/32" x 1-1/2" Auto Reverse/ Jam complimentary Rollers photograph Sensor because that Auto Start/ Stop function Square viewing window on the front of the shredder Duty Cycle: 60 min on/ 40 min off Dimensions: 15.75" x 11.875" x 20.25" Weight: 32 lbs 1 year parts and also labor guarantee The imperial 1600MX has a remarkable high feed volume for its little stature and also low price.
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Description that the royal 1600MX Cross cut Shredder

The 1600MX shredder from royal is equipped v a sturdier motor and body, ideal for house office/personal shredding uses. It can take on staples, cards, and also even CDs/DVDs without breaking down, and paper. The pull-out waste basket conveniently collection shredded particles and also holds as much as 7 gallons of garbage so customers empty it less often. The bin has a small viewing window so users have the right to see the bin fill. And also just so there aren’t any damages to the shredder, the 1600MX will not shred once the bin is full and also must be inserted ago into location after removal. Particle sizes space 5/32” x 1 ½”, a safe choice for private information. Shred approximately 16 sheets (20 lb) every pass up to 8 7/8” broad at a rate of up to 9 sheets every second.

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Controlling the 1600MX is simple. With just 3 buttons (on/off, forward, and reverse), individuals only need to feed the shredder after turning it on.The LED irradiate of the on/off button lights up eco-friendly when the 1600MX is prepared to start shredding. Photo sensors will detect when record is inserted and also engage auto-start/auto-stop. Auto-reverse and jam-free rollers maintain an equipment life. An LCD screen displays ‘ready auto’, ‘forward’, ‘reverse’, ‘bin full’, ‘overload’, and also ‘overheat’ to alert customers (and extend device life). If overloaded, the 1600MX stops shredding to stop jams and also damage to the shredder. The royal 1600MX is a proficient shredder in ~ an affordable price. Casters make relocating the shredder a breeze, and also even lock to store the 1600MX stationary therefore users have the right to place the 1600MX anywhere.

* please note, volume varies with grain, size, high quality & file weight and sufficient strength supply. ** Please use actual HP as a specification because that determining value. Use of peak HP is for comparison purposes just where various other than really HP is used.

Manufacturer surname throat Size/Feed opened Shred dimension Bin volume security Level Cut type Sheet capacity Shreds credit transaction Cards? Shreds paper Clips? Shreds Staples? optimal HP horsepower Disclosures Manufacturer component Number load height broad Depth guarantee UPC Shipping load Shipping length Shipping broad Shipping height search Terms
5/32" x 1-1/2"
7 gal
Cross Cut
Up to 16 sheets
1 hp
Capacity varies through grain, size, high quality & file weight and sufficient strength supply. ** Please usage actual HP as a specification for determining value. Use of top HP is for comparison purposes just where various other than yes, really HP is used.

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32 lbs.

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