A dreamy jazz crucial accompanies the boys' and also Pouya on track 3 of their collaborative EP $outh $ide $uicide.The track title interpolates Drake’s hit tune “Know… review More 

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When girlfriend come home, I'll protect against thisWhen girlfriend come home, I'll stop thisView indigenous a balcony, pool lit up blueLawn chairs next to the ice cream chestStuffed 2 grams in the dull that we just blewNow I'm getting blown by a bitchWho? ns don't understand her nameGold chain hanging, acquired a couple of in the roomBut ns don't wear lock out, only wear castle in the house'Cause ns shine therefore bright, i don't wanna remote youWho knew Yung $now wouldn't melt in the summer? It's trueCold as a polar bearChilling with Stunna and also $lick, I'm surrounded by tulipsGot me 'bout 2 clipsGot me 'bout two scripts filled up through OxySmoke hovers all around my fucking bodyI murdered this bitch named Oddy, yeah, ns shot him$lick got the shovels, and also we digging every nightPouya in the CaddyTold him, "shine the irradiate bright" 'cause I'm digging in darknessWhat to be a good day has turned into the usualBack in all black like a funeral
When friend come home, I'll protect against thisWhen girlfriend come home, I'll stop thisRunnin' from the cops v the motherfucking 7thSix bodies dropped, and also nobody checked out heavenBlock stay warm when I'm creeping v the weaponGotta store the pills in me all since of mine depressionCity that the crescent, riding with a Smith and WessonGot a motherfucker guessing once I hit 'em with the blessingTwo shots come the dome, six shots in the chromeAll shot v your home, now that’s a crime zone$-U-I-C-I-D-E, $carecrow creepin' through UziLucifer, you re welcome come save me, throw crucifixes in ~ my feetWalking through the depths of hell, watchin' as the oceans swellGrey*59, that's Los CartelNothing however death in every cellWhen you come home, I'll avoid thisWhen you come home, I'll stop thisYuh, she too deep in the flaskDrinking and thinking gonna lead to a poor decisionDéjà vu, I've been with it v youMultiple times on countless occasionsContemplating vacating there is no you, ns doubt friend the oneI might be wrong; I might be sprung; I might be dumbI might be dumbfounded, well-roundedPlus the head game therapeuticShe knew that she blew it prefer Nintendo, friend heard meSome the y'all better curve me, my prick game military strongMy just hope is my track go on because that longThis life ain't promised even if it is you accomplishedWhat girlfriend think about inside that yo apartmentYou working for nothing you worthless, bitchYuh

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When friend come home, I'll protect against thisWhen you come home, I'll prevent thisWhen girlfriend come home, I'll protect against thisWhen girlfriend come home, I'll stop this