Everyone has juicy stories from their high college days. Some are juicier than others. Twitter user Sam Armstrong’s expose about his high institution days might take the cake…

1. It starts through Brenden Shaeffer’s interesting question for Twitter.

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Who is the many famous alum of your high school?

— Brenden Schaeffer (
sam23armstrong) February 23, 2018

3. Brenden is impressed.

You swarm up the ranemperors for certain.

— Brenden Schaeffer (
bschaeffer12) February 23, 2018

4. But Sam can top his story…

What if I told I dated her??

— Sam Armsolid (
sam23armstrong) February 23, 2018

5. Yeah, Brendan, we all do…

I’d have to hear even more around that…

— Brenden Schaeffer (
bschaeffer12) February 23, 2018

6. Look what he made him perform.

True story pic.twitter.com/4hfNIxD2PG

— Sam Armstrong (
a727phy) February 23, 2018

9. The civilization have actually even more pushing inquiries.

These are the questions we need answered.

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— Ryan (
B0ldAndBrash) February 23, 2018


It’s YOUR fault we acquired repitive songs