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full HD 1080p offers twice the clarity of typical HD TVs. DTS Premium Sound gives immersive surround sound. large Color Enhancer gives vibrant and also colorful picture. USB port to view your own music, videos and photos. HDMI input for higher quality audio and also video.

Samsung J5000 collection LED TV

With full HD 1080p and a integrated surround sound system, the Samsung J5000 48-Inch LED TV offers crisp, clear picture and sound. The vast color enhancer attribute helps make images pop top top the screen, and Motion price 60 offers clear moving photo resolution. Usage the HDMI input for higher quality audio and also video, and also enjoy your own music, video, and images through plugging into the USB port.

What's in the Box:

full HD Resolution because that A Crisp, Clear photo

With full HD 1080p resolution, the Samsung J5000 LED TV supplies a resolution double as high as a typical HDTV. You'll have the ability to view your favorite shows, movies, and also games in fresh detail.

activity Rate 60 Delivers clean Moving photo

The J5000 LED TV attributes a activity Rate the 60 to ensure your TV keeps up v the activity on-screen. With its quick refresh rate, processing speed and also backlighting technology, the J5000 LED TV it is provided a clean moving photo that provides fast activity sequences easily.

vast Color Enhancer for quality Color and also Brightness

The J5000 LED TV offers enriched colors with its broad Color Enhancer feature. Enjoy every photo as the manager intended, even with older, non-HD content.

beat USB Media v ConnectShare Movie

The Samsung ConnectShare Movie attribute makes it easy to pat media from a USB warehouse device. Use it to play movies straight from a USB-enabled camera or camcorder, access media top top an external hard drive, check out photos save on a speed drive, and also more.*

*Internet link is required.

immersive Surround Sound through DTS Premium Sound

v DTS Premium Sound, the J5000 LED TV create an outstanding surround sound experience. The integrated audio system allows you reap crisp sound together the system decodes DTS-encoded content and also unlocks discreet networks of audio data.

enjoy High quality Audio and video clip with HDMI relations

with an HDMI link you can enjoy higher quality audio and video performance. HDMI transmits both audio and video signals over a solitary cable (cable no included) for included convenience.

J6300J6200J5500J5200J5000J4000Screen dimension OfferingsFHD/HDMotion RateDimming and also Contrast TechnologyQuad-Core ProcessorBuilt-in Wi-FiAudio SpecificationsOther an essential FeaturesNumber the HDMI InputsDirecTV Ready
75-inch, 65-inch, 60-inch, 55-inch, 50-inch, 32-inch65-inch, 60-inch, 55-inch, 50-inch, 48-inch, 40-inch50-inch, 48-inch, 40-inch50-inch, 48-inch, 43-inch, 40-inch, 32-inch (J5205)50-inch, 48-inch, 43-inch, 32-inch (J5003)32-inch
Motion rate 120Motion rate 120Motion price 60Motion price 60Motion rate 60Motion price 60
Micro-Dimming PRO and Mega ContrastMega ContrastMicro-Dimming PRO and also Mega ContrastMega ContrastMega ContrastMega Contrast
Dolby MS11 v 20W (10W x 2) outputDolby MS10 with 20W (10W x 2) outputDolby MS11 with 20W (10W x 2) outputDolby MS10 through 20W (10W x 2) outputDolby MS10 with 20W (10W x 2) outputDolby MS10 v 10W (5W x 2) output
Bluetooth because that wireless audio, broad Color EnhancerWide color EnhancerBluetooth for wireless audio, vast Color EnhancerWide shade EnhancerWide shade EnhancerWide color Enhancer

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Product Description

Enjoy the best full HD viewing experience with the Samsung 48J5000. The 48J5000 delivers a clean moving photo resolution experience, enabling you to check out every picture as the director intended with enriched colors.


Brand NameItem WeightProduct DimensionsItem design numberIs stop By ManufacturerOutput WattageSpecification Met
‎20.9 pounds
‎12.2 x 43.3 x 27.4 inches
‎10 Watts
‎Energy Star

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