This quest will show up after you finish the book of Spells quest. Meet the wizard in the city park to begin this quest

TIME LIMIT: 7 daysTIME limit PRIZE: sorcerer’s CottageUNLOCk: Potion imminent Hobby. This understand requires unavoidable cauldron potions that have the right to be purchased at the promotion r us.

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Talk to the Wizard*1 minute= click the wizard, choose "Talk to". The magician is in the city parkExamine the decision ball = click on the crystal ball next to the wizard, select "examine".

Ask the Wizard*1 minute
= click the wizardRead real human being magic*1 hour= click the bookshelf, choose "real civilization magic".Invite a center to a dinner party*3 hours 15 minutes= click on one more sim, choose "invite come dinner park"Send two sims come the park = Instruct sim, and also other sim invited through dinner to visit the city parkExplain about imagination*5 hours 15 minutes= click on other sims, select "explain imagination"Have 2 sims at the dinner table = order 2 sims to go to the city park, click the dining table. Make sure the center that invites dinner is sitting first, just complying with the second sim. Stimulate the inviting center to click the seat, pick "Sit". 2nd Sim (invited), click seat, pick "join in",

Check in v the Wizard*1 hour 15 minutes
= click the wizardDream of magic*19 hours= click the mattress, choose "dream that magic"Tell a sim about dream*5 minutes= click on an additional sim, pick "Tell about Dream"Dance madness in the rain*12 hrs 15 minutes= click on other sims, pick "dance wildly"

Have two sims kiss in the rain
*1 minute= click on other sims, choose "kiss in the rain".Talk to the Wizard*15 minutes= click the wizard in prior of her house, select "talk to".Talk to the werewolf*5 hours 15 minutes= click the werewolf in the city park.

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Think around the werewolf*19 hours= click the sofa, pick "think about werewolf"Record a video apology*5 minutes= click werewolf pick "video apology record"Upload video clip apology*4 hours= click computer, pick "uploud video clip apology"Show the dates response*12 hrs 15 minutes= click werewolf, select "Show the dates response"High five the werewolf*3 seconds= click werewolf, select "high five"Check in through the wizard*3 hrs 15 minutes= click the wizard, select "check in"Think around the origin of magic*19 hours= click the sofa / chair / park bench, select "Think about Magic"Tell the wizard around real magic*12 hrs 15 minutes= click the sorcerer’s (he is in the city park), choose "real magic is ..."Use the crystal round again = click crystal ball, pick "examineHigh five the wizard*1 second= click the magician (in the magician cottage), select "high five"Leave the Wizards cottage = walk from sorcerer’s cottage. Stimulate the center home.