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We currently recommend ours newShormann Pre-Algebra Self-Paced eCoursefeaturing daily video lessons, interactive assignments through auto grading and also grade recording, video solutions, and Q&A business with Dr. Shormann. Based on John Saxon’s original Teaching methods , this food is updated through 21st-century concepts. Learn More:Saxon vs. Shormann Math

How does it work?

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According to Houghton Mifflin, Saxon is the #1 sellinghomeschool mathematics curriculum. However, because it to be designed for schools, the class in the Saxon message is just a summary. That"s why man Saxon recommended an proficient Saxon teacher come teach the complete lesson. Otherwise, the great can show up disorganized and confusing.DIVE gives that experienced instruction!

While various other supplements simply teach the summary, Dr. Shormann, who has actually taughtSaxon 5/4 - AP Calculus for overtwenty years, teaches the finish lesson step-by-step. Because that example, when Lesson 40 build on a principle taught in class 20, Dr. Shormann reviews Lesson 20, teaching exactly how the new concept merely adds one much more stepto what theyalready know. This create “bite-sized” lessonsthat are simple tounderstand.The Saxon text does not incorporate this important instruction.

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Course Description

Developing fluency (speed and also accuracy) in foundational math an abilities like fraction, decimal, and percent conversions, Saxon mathematics 8/7 through Pre-Algebraprovidesexcellent preparation for Algebra 1! Topics incorporate scientific notation, statistics, probability, ratios, proportions, simplifying and balancing equations, factoring algebraic expressions, slope-intercept form, graphing straight equations, arcs, sectors, the Pythagorean theory, and more! After successfully completing this course, skip Saxon Algebra 1/2 and also take Algebra 1. Table of Contents


What"s Included:

120 Lesson video clip lectures the teach every lesson step-by-step

12 investigation lectures that teach each examination lesson

Q&A Email assistance with Dr. Shormann

What you Need:

Computer or maker (see device Requirements below)

Headphones or Speakers

**Recommended Edition**

The Homeschool Kit includes all the Saxon publications you need:

Student Textbook, tests & Worksheets Booklet, and also the remedies Manual

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Other Compatible Saxon Books

Saxon food 2


Use just if forced by a institution or class. While the is no a perfect match, a cross-reference syllabus is available that tells exactly which DIVE lecture to watch because that each corresponding lesson in the Saxon food 2 textbook. View Here

Saxon 87 college Edition

This text should only be offered if forced by a institution or teacher. The Saxon 8/7 Homeschool Kit, third Edition provides far better preparation for Algebra 1. Discover More: Saxon Editions

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On a computer, you have the right to either download the documents or currently in your web browser like Netflix or iTunes. To view on a device like one iPad or Android Tablet, download the VHX app from her device"s application Store.Detailed Instructions

Where need to I place my child?

Your college student is prepared for Saxon 8/7 if one of the complying with applies:

Completed Saxon 7/6 Is in 7th class or higher, has memorized multiplication truth to at the very least 9, andhas not had actually pre-algebra

Learn More:Student location Tests

Saxon Algebra 1/2 vs Saxon mathematics 8/7: What"s the difference?

See:Algebra 1/2 vs math 8/7

Why use Saxon Math?

Find out why we think the finest curriculum isSaxon Math

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Sample Lecture

Sample Course- shot Before friend Buy! The sample course has every little thing you need, including the Saxon pages, to complete the an initial 10 lessons.


Dr. Shormann teaches every lesson action by action on a digital blackboard the looks and also sounds favor a actual classroom. The only difference is, you can easily pause, rewind and also fast-forward the lecture, finding out at your own pace. With degrees in aerospace engineering and also science, Dr. Shormann has over 15 years endure teaching all levels of Saxon Math. His unique experience permits him come understand exactly how all the great in a book fit together as well as how the curriculum builds all the way through Calculus and Physics.


Teaching 3 to 5 practice difficulties in each lesson, Dr. Shormann reviews formerly learned concepts and also connects each "bite-sized" concept to the next. This makes facility concepts easier to master while mirroring students the large picture. During the lecture, students occupational interactively by acquisition notes and working the practice difficulties with him. They are encouraged to pause, rewind, and fast-forward till they fully understand the brand-new concept. Check out sample lectures on the


Connecting Scripture with math and also science, he teaches math together the God-given language the science,a tool for understanding God’s creation and also the purpose and pattern apparent in Creation. The background of mathematics is likewise discussed which shows the incredible Christian heritage of mathematics and also science, and how all math resulted native a research of His creation. That doesn’t take lengthy to discuss, yet it is important to remind every students the God is the Author and also Creator of every knowledge, including mathematics. Consider this: in our world, over there exists a vast collection that facts, all topic to interpretation. Who execute you desire to interpret those facts for her child, a Christian or a non-Christian?


After the lecture, students complete homework troubles in the Saxon textbook. Every homework set provides regular review of previously learned concepts. Research has presented this technique superior for enhancing long term retention and also recall time but it can be a trouble for college student who should re-learn forgotten concepts. With DIVE, the student just re-watches the equivalent DIVE lecture i m sorry is published in parentheses beside each question. Much better than giving them the answer, the college student relearns the forget concept and also immediately uses it come the problem; significantly increasing retention.


The Saxon Homestudy Kit consists of a Solutions hands-on which shows how to work-related each problem step by step. Us recommend reviewing the corresponding DIVE lesson first, then consult the Solutions manual if further assist is needed. If an ext help is needed, you deserve to email Dr. Shormann for much more detailed explanations. However, our routine is therefore comprehensive, this is rarely necessary.SEE WHAT OUR customers SAY BY clicking on THE reviews TAB.

OLD version OF SAXON 8/7

Saxon published three version of mathematics 8/7. Dr. Shormann proposal the 3rd edition. When the 2nd edition is really similar, the third edition has larger, developmentally suitable text, lesson referrals to quickly re-learn forget concepts and also a solutions hands-on with step-by-step solutions. Uneven you already have the second edition student text, facts drills, tests, and answer key, use the third edition. The first edition is no recommended as it does no have enough pre-algebra to prepare students for Algebra 1.

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Digital Interactive video Education (DIVE) CDs teach every lesson in the equivalent Saxon mathematics textbook. Each lesson is taught step by action on a digital whiteboard the looks and also sounds like a actual classroom. The only difference is you space able to pause, rewind, and fast forward, finding out at your own pace. They are taught through Dr. David Shormann who holds degrees in Aerospace Engineering, maritime Chemistry, and also Limnology from the college of Texas in ~ Austin and also Texas A&M college at college Station. That teaches from a distinctively Christian Worldview. Connecting scripture to math and science, he mirrors students how math is the God-given language of scientific research which have the right to be offered to far better understand God and also the human being He created. Visit www.allisonbrookephotography.com for an ext information.