The List – Mellie meets through the evil one in a black suit: Rowan Pope, and also he says his name is Damascus Bainbridge. He wants to give her money if she pays attention to an issue that is vital to him. He’s every smiley prefer a Cheshire cat as he hands she a folder, i beg your pardon she opens to find pictures the her and also VP Andrew Nichols law the horizontal boogie. This is as soon as she knows the person in former of she ain’t around that support life. She forgiveness Lizzie Bear from the room and also asks him that he is. The responds v “You carry out not ask me that I am, Mrs. Grant. Girlfriend ask me what ns need.” Aw shit.

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Oh and also in that folder is the papers on procedure Remington. This is once she really realizes the she’s not simply in prior of a goon, however a goblin.

Dazed and spooked, Mellie goes come the White House, where Fitz is strategy her project with Lizzie. What “Damascus” wants is a list, and she speak her campaign manager to get her that list. 

Grand Jury – Jake is around to testify around B613 in front of the grand Jury and Olivia tells him come tell the truth, the entirety truth and nothing but the truth. She knows the her bae will certainly go under too, due to the fact that of his function in Remington however she’s prepared to make that sacrifice. In fact, she phone call him to congratulate him on Mellie’s impending Senate win, and the contact sounds last when she claims “Goodbye, Fitz.”

After Jake testifies and also the court adjourns because that the day, Olivia is almost giddy through the reality that the deed is done. Until Huck comes over to say the shit has hit the fan. Liv go outside and David stumbles off a bus and also retches anywhere the street. In the bus room the shot, slashed and slain body of the 16 grand jurors. ALL’EM DEADER 보다 DEAD. You execute not snitch ~ above Rowan Pope and also expect the it’ll stand. The monster got those people who heard Jake’s testimony killed RIGHT external the damb commonwealth building. And THAT to be the list he want (and got) native Mellie. Gahtdamb, dawg.


So the stunner thing around Papa Pope is that he go bogus shit wherein HE isn’t the just culprit. That assures he it s okay away through stuff by having actually someone elseu who deserve to stand to lose something attached to it. In this cast, the is Mellie. By giving him that list, she is now an accessory come the murders of those jurors. Fine played, Rowan. Fine played.

FINALLY, the Team of Takedown B613 gets the point that Rowan does no play and will take under anyone who tries to take him down. He to be so dedicated to the reason that also the court stenographer, that wasn’t ~ above the bus passed away that job in a “hit and run.” even David Rosen and also his white hat quit the game. “While i live for justice, i don’t want to dice for it.” ns ain’t mad at him. Liv is PISSED and wants to uncover out how to get also so she walk to check out the person who knows her father best: Mama Pope.

Special VisitNow you understand Maya ain’t some softy that will sell comforting words. She sees she daughter spring all types of off kilter. Liv asks her mothers what she did and also how she controlled to have any kind of control over Rowan. Due to the fact that all these years, the is the one human being who seems to be able to go toe-for-toe with him. Maya takes this chance to go IN top top Olivia Carolyn. 

‘You’ve gained the “I’ve been in the hole” look every on her face… you sure carry out love a problem. You’re for this reason vain. The always around you, no it? The problem you produce so you deserve to solve them. The power you have to wield so the you deserve to feel important. Did your father and also I no say you were special sufficient when you to be little? Did we not provide you sufficient hugs? This uppity fantasy civilization that you made decision to it is in a component of. It’s not real, boo. Now you have to come on down to this world where the human being doesn’t revolve roughly you.’


ALL THE WELPS! Liv ain’t come for this for this reason she gets up to leave. As she storms out, her mother offers her the wisdom the she is trying to fight an adversary who world don’t even know exists. Ah HA. It way tells the powers that be.

Snitch Stitch – Mellie is freaking out since of her role in the killing of the jurors and also so is Lizzie, since she had to bring the list. FLOTUS goes come Cyrus Beene and also confides in him about her meeting through Damascus Bainbridge, and also when she mentions his threats about Remington, he instantly knows that the resource is.

Beene the Beast go to check out Pope the Poisonous and also wonders why he had actually to murk all those jurors. Rowan claims he ain’t bout to go down prefer a chump. Besides, Cy must be lucky he ain’t death David, and he will think about that a donate to him.

Liv reflects up to the CIA headquarters (in this exceptional white blazer) with Jake, to tell director Lowry, head that the org about Papa Pope. She even comes v receipts, i m sorry she shows once the lady tries come tell she she’s consisting of lies. To be fair, her story sound as most likely as the is to get actual news on Fox. However with the B613 files, Lowry can not deny. She tells Liv and also Jake come sit tight so she deserve to make a move.

When she walks right into the main hallway of the CIA building, Cyrus Beene is there waiting for her. She wants to paper documents to get Rowan Pope arrested, since it seems that anyone knew around B613’s existence from decades ago. EXCEPT, they assumed it was a 3-4 person operation the was just in charge of top an enig kills. They had no idea it was this Medusa monster, which way they didn’t know JACK around it. Cy looks in ~ her and lets her know to stand down because her neck could don’t do it.

“Honey – ns gonna contact you Honey since I don’t remember your very first name and I nothing care. Honey, you desire to it is in reasonable around this since a shadow knowledge organization operating fairly happily and powerfully in secret inside the FBI, CIA, NSA, if there to be such a thing, well that would certainly be prefer a sleeping lion. And isn’t it more secure to tiptoe roughly the lion? What carry out you think wake up if girlfriend poke the lion? Whose face does the lion rip turn off first? ns think that rips off Honey’s confront first.”

ALL THE WELPS THAT ever WELPED IN WELPVILLE. She gets the point, since next thing that wake up is the Jake and Olivia room thrown in jail. They came to snitch and also THEY acquired locked up. Ain’t that about a bish??


Meanwhile, ago at the White House, Lizzie look at Mellie is distressed and also she tells her she wants to understand everything, because clearly, castle BOTH had actually something to execute with the jurors dying. Later that night, Fitz offers a rousing speech in Mellie’s honor, praising his “best friend” together Lizzie looks on.

No selection – Cyrus summons David, who thinks he will be obtaining fired. Beene is all “Nah.” yet he desires him to drop the B613 takedown or rather his weakness can end increase in part tragic accident. His Achilles heels is Abby Whelan, and also this hazard is sufficient to acquire Lemony spooked. He pipeline Beene’s office, and passes Abby in the hallway without acknowledging her. Once he increase from his office, she wants to recognize what’s walk on yet of food he shuts she down. “I can’t have actually a soul. If I had one, I would never accomplish a thing.”

David goes come the jail whereby Olivia and also Jake are being held separately. To each of them, he passes an affidavit they have to sign or they’ll it is in charged v treason. The file says the they consisted of any and also all things around B613. Every one indicators it as soon as they watch the rather signature (probably forged) because there will be no flexibility for them if lock don’t. Director Lowry is see to that herself. AND, Mama Pope is told that if she indicators an affidavit denying the existence of B613, she have the right to be free. Needless to say, she asked for a pen quick, fast and also in a hurry.

Winning – Finally back home, and in black color pajamas, Liv gets a call and also it’s indigenous dear old dad. He desires her to know that she’s won. B613 is wiped totally off the map. Over there is no Command. Every the records proving the existence of the top flight mystery spy organization of the civilization have been ruined (and Rowan himself eliminated the agent who blew them up). She has won, and Rowan Pope is dead. That is currently Eli. The slips in a shady thanks because he’s actually kinda pleased with himself and his newfound “freedom.”

Mellie did victory the senate race, and as she onstage thanking her constituents, Fitz is on the sideline watching. Lizzie philosophies him and also allasudden starts talking. That hater spills the bean on what really happened to the jurors, and how Mellie provided their names up. His look at of pride falls into pure disdain, and I wanna fight Liz’s face. This is she revenge for the woman who was share a peen with her. All this time, us were wondering why she was choosing to help Mellie, and also turns the end she was simply biding her time till she might stick her where it works. ‘


In the indigenous of my friend Kellee, “You can’t to trust no bitch you common a prick with.”

THAT is a word, ladies and gents. Mellie shoulda never trusted her ass.

Eli Down – In the OPA office, Liv tells the Gladiators that her father is walking. Over there is no evidence around the presence of B613 left, they’ve signed affidavits and Rowan is acquiring off scot-free. Quinn points the end that Huck has actually $2 billion of B613 money stashed and Liv gets a bright idea.

Papa Pope is sitting in his office at the Smithsonian once police show up to arrest him. He is being charged because that embezzling accumulation from the museum for decades. Liv and also Jake present up to the terminal to find him in a cell full of commoners however it walk nothing come humble him.

Rowan: I’ve carried down regimes, Olivia. Assassinated dictators through my very own two hands, shaped background with a single phone call.

Olivia: Rowan did that. Command walk that. He had actually power. But you?… You to be right. We couldn’t take Command. Yet we can take Eli Pope.

As lock walk away, he screams OLIVIAAAAA!!! for this reason dramatic. So right.

Beast Unleashed – Quinn walks right into Huck’s office and also says she saw the body of the murdered jurors. Your wounds to be so familiar, and she knows Huck is the one who eliminated them. LAWDDDTTT!!! Why would certainly he do that? He claims he had actually no choice because he want to safeguard his family from Rowan’s wrath therefore he walk that project for him. Bullshit, sir. You’re simply an untamed beast who wanted come kill. Quinn hold a pistol to her mentor’s head and he stares her down, looking kinda pitiful.

Get Out – Cyrus, chairman Ghost and Mellie room in the Oval Office, and also what is an alleged to be celebrating transforms sour. Fitz speak Mellie the he knows about how she obtained the jurors killed and also he is dislike by her. “We’re no a team. Get out. Load your bags and get out my house.”


Her attempts at defending herself execute not work and he tells she to go prior to he gets she thrown out. HIS HOUSE. The White one. Wowsies. She walks out and also Cyrus is about to speak as soon as he’s reduced down to size too. Fitz knows the HE was who Mellie told, and also he willingly operated with the evil one who killed his son. “You’re fired.” Aw damb.

Mission Accomplished – Jake walks Liv come the door of her apartment and also she invites the in. He declines, since his project with she is done.

“This is where the ride ends. My mission is complete. It has been mine pleasure…They request me come look out for you. Both of them. Her father, the poor guy and the Preident, the good guy. They both asked me to keep you safe. Lock both make you my mission. And also I reviewed the heat on both accounts. I’m in love through you yet you room in love with him. You space owed, Olivia. Desire what’s yours? Go and take it.”


Well damb. However umm… what is Liv owed??? Surely that ain’t Fitz’s underdraws. SURELY. Ns guess.

Back in ~ the White House, Mellie’s bags room packed and she leaves the White House, spring downtrodden and dejected. Cyrus hands over his i would cards and also keys to Abby, that watches Lizzie bring her stuff into Beene’s office. She the brand-new Chief that Staff. WHOA.

Fitz goes to Liv’s apartment and rings the doorbell however there’s no answer. He return to the White House and goes ~ above the balcony. As he looks the end on the lawn, Liv surprises the from behind. Nina Simone’s “Here comes the Sun” plays as the two make-out and also the episode ends.


First the all, Fitz be the an initial one judging as soon as he gained a trace of body behind him, acting favor Mellie purposefully eliminated 16 people. And also on the Cyrus tip, the man has saved him much more times 보다 he knows. To simply peace both that them out is wack as hell and also so on par as to why that cannot have actually nice points ever. That is self-centered and has a quick memory. Plus, he’s especially prone come overreacting to anything Mellie does.

While he’s locking lips with Olivia, the doesn’t seem to mind that HER father eliminated his son. He holds no kind of resentment for that yet he litter Mellie out for inadvertently help Rowan murder part folks he ain’t even know. And also let’s no forget that Liv to be gonna let him walk down through B613. Sir, bye. Ns didn’t realize how OVER Liv and Fitz being together I was, until I saw them on the balcony do out and also was all “meh.”

Now on come Papa Pope. Olivia keeps underestimating her father. Also as Eli Pope, i doubt he’ll simply go down without a fight. I expect to see him earlier in season 5 and I desire to see an ext Liv vs. Rowan vs. Maya walk down. Which, by the way, currently that she’s free, i don’t suppose she’ll take on a life that quiet, law-abiding citizenship. She’s too much of a goon to simply go purchase a condo in Florida. I likewise kinda want her and also Rowan to re-unite on some older Bonnie and also Clyde thing. WANT.

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So Huck and Quinn. I bet we’re gonna discover them act the spy slippery slide on the OPA conference table. I know she didn’t pull that create to shoot him. I’m certain they both just acquired turned on and also ended increase sexing that out. They’re therefore nassy. I love it.