Every Non-MCU Movie Starring chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson kris Evans and Scarlett Johansson showed up in 6 Marvel Cinematic world movies together, however here"s every non-MCU film they both starred in.

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Chris Evans and also Scarlett Johansson room two that Hollywood"s greatest stars thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they"ve starred in multiple films together outside of the franchise. End the last decade, Evans and also Johansson became cornerstone piece of the best movie franchise of all-time. Johansson win Evans come the display with their Marvel roles, together she debuted as black color Widow in Iron Man 2 in 2010, if Evans" an initial appearance as Captain America come in 2011"s Captain America: The first Avenger.

They automatically got to work on their very first MCU team-up, with The Avengers kicking turn off the fan-favorite friendship between Steve Rogers and also Natasha Romanoff. After ~ working together in the film, Johansson returned to be among the biggest supporting personalities in Evans" 2nd solo film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The 2 then teamed increase again after the fall of SHIELD in Avengers: age of Ultron and were pitted versus each various other for a time during Captain America: civil War. Both then had actually roles in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Every in all, they appeared in 6 MCU movies together and made Captain America and Black Widow the closestly of allies.

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Starring in 6 movies in simply seven years meant Evans and also Johansson spent a many time together. They emerged a an excellent friendship that extends off-screen, i beg your pardon is why your on-screen chemistry v one one more is for this reason believable. However, a working relationship in between Evans and Johansson existed long prior to they were sharing the display as Marvel superheroes. They"ve starred in number of movies together outside of the MCU, and there are even plans for the partnership to continue in the future.

The Perfect Score

chris Evans and also Scarlett Johansson an initial starred in a movie together in 2004"s The Perfect Score. Evans dram the lead function of Kyle, who requirements a high satellite score to obtain into Cornell University"s architecture program. Meanwhile, Johansson plays a girl at his school called Francesca whose father own the structure where the answers come the SATs are located. The two of them, and others, occupational together to devise a plan to steal the sat answers. Although successful, the students at some point decide not to cheat their way to college. Evans and also Johansson aren"t love understand in The Perfect Score, together both of their personalities get relationships elsewhere.

Evans and Johansson got ago together for The Nanny Diaries in 2007. The comedy starred Johansson as the titular nanny, Annie Braddock, that gets the job after saving a boy from being hit through a car. Her new career allows her to cross paths with "Harvard Hottie" as he"s well-known by for most of the film, i beg your pardon is played by Evans. Over the course of the movie, Annie begins to date Hayden aka "Harvard Hottie." This was the critical time they showed up on display screen together prior to joining the MCU, and The Nanny Diaries is the only time their characters are in a romantic relationship.

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Little Shop the Horrors

currently that the MCU is behind castle (well, virtually in Johansson"s case), castle aren"t waiting too lengthy to job-related together again. It has actually been report that the upcoming Little Shop that Horrors remake might reunite them. Chris Evans is confirmed to be part of the movie and also will play dentist Orin Scrivello. Over there have likewise been reports that Scarlett Johansson is the top selection to beat Audrey, the mrs lead and girlfriend that Scrivello. It has actually yet to be confirmed that Johansson is taking the part, but with her and Evans teaming increase so plenty of times before, his involvement might seal the deal.