Everything you should know around how to find the galaxy because that loot ghosts to complete some that the Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest challenges.

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The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest occasion has kicked-off and it’s an entirely totally free celebration that all points spooky simply in time for Halloween. The event has a bunch of difficulties to complete to unlock Vault Hunter skins and also weapon paintjobs, and some the these require searching the galaxy because that loot and also regular ghosts come kill approximately 500 that them.

Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest occasion is a limited-time chance that lasts until December 5th. Its main attraction is visiting heck to to speak hi and also astalavista baby to the nefarious Captain Hunt, and also this occasion can just be started by locating Maurice.

The below link will tell you exactly how to find Maurice the Saurian come kick-start the Bloody Harvest event, otherwise simply keep analysis to uncover how to search the galaxy because that loot and also regular ghosts.


Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest challenges

Before telling you how to search the galaxy for loot and also regular ghosts in Borderlands 3, we may as well first look end the obstacles for the Bloody Harvest event.

There room 15 missions in total and also completing a specific number will certainly unlock distinctive rewards.

Completing four of these difficulties will unlock a Shrunk n’ Dead trinket, accomplishing eight will carry out you through a HECKO-3 ECHO Device, fulfilling 12 will carry out you through a If Spooks could Kill skin and completing every 15 will certainly reward you with a weapon skin named Ghoul steel Grey.

Below is a list of all 15 Bloody Harvest challenges:

An Eye for top quality Hecktoplasm – kill 20 booty Ghosts

Chaotic great Cleric – death 500 Ghosts in chaos Mode

Charon’s Toll – collection 50 piece of Bloody Harvest loot

Easy as Pumpkin Pie – settle the Pumpkin Puzzle

El Compeon Fantasmal – kill Haunted El Dragon Jr

Exorcist – kill 150 Haunted Badasses

Friends nothing Die – death Haunted Demoskaggon

Heckraiser – prey a Bloody Harvest Legendary

I am Rakkman! – death Haunted Rakkman

Lawful good Cleric – kill 250 Ghosts

My Boss has been Ghosting me all Week – kill Captain Haunt

Nate’s Hostile – kill Haunted Borman Nates

Pumpkin Spiced – Equip 3 piece of Bloody Harvest loot in ~ the very same time

Reap What girlfriend Sow, Bro – kill Captain Haunt with a Bloody Harvest gun

Snowball’s possibility in Heck – death 100 Haunted opponents with Cryo damages in the heck Hole

You can access this perform of obstacles in Borderlands 3 at any kind of time to monitor your development by opened the in-game menu and also scrolling throughout to a new tab called Events.


Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest: just how to search the galaxy for ghosts

The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest occasion has presented Haunted Enemies; foes that room haunted by three species of ghosts.

You’ll notification certain enemies are haunted by fowl spectres through seeing a colourful aura approximately them. A environment-friendly glow means the opponent is standard, red means they’re stronger and also a hellishly orange light method they are haunted by a prey ghost.

Once you death these haunted enemies the ghosts will be released and you’ll need to kill them to get Hecktoplasm (and loot indigenous loot ghosts).

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Unfortunately, yes no one location in the galaxy wherein ghosts are guaranteed to spawn alone. However, the ideal places to discover them space Lectra City, Jakob’s Estate and Eden-6. Some players have likewise said on Reddit the the best place is Athenas.