Recall: base height - highest peak in the massive spec, with a relative intensity that 100; typically the many stable fragment

molecular ion optimal - heaviest height in the massive spec, with practically the exact same mass the original molecule

a) The ________ is assigned a family member intensity of 100.

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a. Base peak

b. Molecule ion peak


Select the correct term(s) to finish each sentence.

a) The ________ is assigned a family member intensity that 100.

a. Basic peak

b. Molecule ion peak

b) The ________ is the most intense top in the massive spectrum.

a. Molecular ion peak

b. Base peak

c) The ________ to represent the original molecule that has only shed an electron.

a. Base peak

b. Molecule ion peak

d) ________ could be/represent a smaller, charged fragment the the initial molecule.

a. The molecule ion

b. The basic peak

c. A radical cation

e) ________ is/represents a positively charged species.

a. The basic peak

b. The parental ion

c. The molecule ion

d. A radical cation

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