In the job leading approximately the Dec. 4 relax of Netflix’s highly anticipated Selena: The Series, the internet flourished flooded with thinkpiece after thinkpiece debating the need of retelling Selena Quintanilla-Pérez’s story, 23 years after Jennifer Lopez an initial portrayed her on screen and 25 after she tragic death. Even Christian Serratos, that plays her in the new show, said “Nobody demands a renewal of Selena.”

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But as soon as crew members like lead hairstylist Lizeth Correa signed on come the series, the concern wasn’t even if it is Selena must be make — its production was confirmed, high stakes and also critique aside. Instead, Correa gone into her function with another focus: She would do everything in her power to respect the late Tejano singer, recreating also her lesser-known looks with painstaking accuracy.  

“We did study for a year, utilizing her album covers and also videos of reflects as references,” she speak in an email. “There’s an excess of details on YouTube and Google, a most which has actually incorrect dates, for this reason we brought together multiple images to concerned a consensus on what she look would certainly be for each year and also moment of she career. Selena’s family even sent united state some real archival photos.”

Correa knew viewers would certainly inevitably to compare Serratos’s Selena come Jennifer Lopez’s depiction, yet competing with another fictionalized portrayal was the last point on she mind when crafting hairstyles because that the an initial season the the series. She puts the succinctly: “We just looked in ~ the real Selena.” 

Representing the actual Selena came through its own set of challenges, namely, the frequency v which she changed her hair in her early career. Also devout fans can not recognize that voluminous curls and also pompadours were when the singer’s styles of choice. In Correa’s eyes, those watch were vital to showcasing the advancement of Selena’s career and personality. 

“Selena’s watch changed very quickly — in a year we can see various hairstyles and also colors — for this reason looking in ~ what taken place in she life and also career was how we to be able to achieve her watch in distinctive moments,” she says.



Enter the large array of wigs worn by Serratos in the show: “In the ’80s, Selena wore she hair curly all the time, and in the collection we used wigs the were curled through curling irons using distinct methods," she shares. "We took treatment of those wigs with solid conditioners and also did a restyle every work with warmth protectants and also products to revive the curls. That provided the wigs a shiny finish for as soon as we to be filming a performance, and also for constant days we just used products to provide them a herbal texture.” 

There was worry over even if it is a Selena without bangs and also red lipstick would be identifiable because that viewers, also if she was illustrated accurately. Yet for Correa, nothing mattered more than showcasing her as she really was within the timeframe the Selena’s very first season. “Many fans don’t understand the Selena that the ’80s, i beg your pardon was as soon as she began. It can be strange because that them to check out her in different looks, and they could not even believe that she ever had hair prefer that. However, they deserve to look digital at the Selena y Los Dinos mirrors year through year, and also at all of those reflects she’s wearing her hair the means we recreated it come look,” she says.

For the latter half of season one, Correa offered a couple of tricks the the profession to transform Serratos into the Selena the people knows best. “When she switched to her iconic bangs in the ’90s, it to be really necessary to develop volume at the roots and also apply products to prepare the hair, providing it texture and also body before using a pick,” she explains. “That developed the feeling of herbal hair the didn’t look favor we’d styled it with a curler; it simply looked prefer that was her hair. We provided hairsprays with a herbal level of host to include body there is no leaving the hair crunchy. For the bangs, the was vital to usage a curler and also a really strong hairspray.”



As difficult as it to be to emulate, Correa claims recreating Selena’s many ubiquitous style was a pleasure: “I would love for the hairstyle, i beg your pardon is for this reason iconic and so many civilization wore, to do a modern comeback in she honor.”

Selena walk not market itself as a job-related of fact. Together Suzette Quintanilla, executive producer and also sister to the Queen of Cumbia, told The new York Times, “This is no a documentary. It’s sprinkled v a small bit the glitter.” Regardless, Correa knows the details prefer hair have the right to make or break any kind of on-screen story, no matter just how embellished: “At first, recreating Selena was super challenging, especially deciding what look would certainly make she believable for viewers, for this reason they’d adopt her, love her, and familiarize themselves through her in that look,” she said. “I wanted them to feeling the songs and everything Selena was experiencing at the moment.”


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In illustration four, Abraham Quintanilla alerts his daughter, who has just dyed her hair red, come stop transforming her look therefore often, joking the fans never recognize who they’ll see at her shows. And just favor that, Correa’s work-related takes top top a brand-new importance. Turning to the camera, Selena flashes a smile and declares: “Whoever they see, that’s who I am.”