Happy Valentine’s Week! As much as I have actually a habit of creating snarky Valentine’s job blog articles from year come year, I actually love Valentine’s day in all it’s pink & red puffy heart glory. Yes, behind my semi-jaded sex blogger facade lies a hopeless romantic. However, my attempts at gaining other world in the mood for Valentine’s day sometimes loss flat – because that example, critical year once I make Fitness guy a bowl of love shaped cacao strawberries, which ended up looking much more like lumpy, brown gobs. File this under, “When making ingredient you uncover on Pinterest goes wrong.”

In general I think women room pretty an excellent at hinting at your partners what they’d choose for Valentine’s job – even if it is that’s flowers, jewel or simply a quiet night in. However, guys aren’t as easy to read and are often totally neutral as soon as it comes to the holiday. Hence, the reason some that us end up in awkward cases like what I described above. Although, I’d argue that if someone is legitimately right into you, they will appreciate your questionable confectionary an abilities – even if the end result looks like turds top top a stick. With that said, I’m certain there are numerous women out there wonder “what carry out you gain a dude because that Valentine’s day?”

Enter Send a Pantygram, a agency designed v this dilemma in mind. Your answer? Red panties.Yes, you check out correctly. Send your companion underwear. Women’s underwear.

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Send a Pantygram is aservice that enables you to send your companion a pair the lacy, red panties.Your partner then receive the article in a discreet package with a keep in mind attached that directs them to a net page whereby they enter the verification code and also gain access to a private, occasionally suggestive message from his loved one.

So, why panties?Debbie Augustine, founder ofSendAPantygram.com, started her company because she was motivated by a pair of panties she mailed to a boyfriend 20 years ago. As soon as Augustine ran right into the guy years later, he was still raving about the experience, so she made decision to revolve her concept into a business.

Since Send a Pantygram has actually launched, Women have sent panties everywhere the civilization to boyfriends, fiancés and husbands stationed in Iraq, travel on company to Bermuda, France, Greece, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Romania, London, China, Korea and more. The price of a Pantygram is $24.95 + shipping.

According to Neil Chethik, writer of VoiceMale—What Husbands really Think about Their Marriages, their Wives, Sex, Housework and also Commitment (Simon & Shuster), what guys really desire for Valentine’s day isn’t “another tie or gadget. Lock would like their partners to begin romance. They prefer it once their wives actually think about sex, and also even arrangement it.” ns think this sentiment applies to both genders.

In various other words, us all want to feeling sexy and also loved.The Pantygram is designed together a prize of the continuing physical attraction you have towards her partner. According to Send a Pantygram, feedback has been very positive and men certain love receiving lock (however, I’m certain there space female very same sex couples who can enjoy this business too.)

Although I’ve never ever sent mine underwear to anyone, I’m a huge proponent the red lingerie and also like the idea of a little sexy gesture that lets your partner know they’re desired. In other words, it provides your companion feel choose Tom freaking Jones, legendary recipient the women’s panties… or whatever the sexy, contemporary rockstar identical is.

To gain a male opinion ns asked Joe the Intern to share his thoughts.

Thanks for your feedback Joe!

If you’d prefer to brighten someone’s week through a pair of lacy, racy red panties, Send a Pantygram is supplying $5 turn off for all Skinny Dip reader if you use the password save5now at checkout.

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What perform you guys think? would you enjoy/use this service?

*This post was lugged to friend by my friends at Send a Pantygram. All opinions are mine since that’s exactly how I roll. Friend can attach with Send a Pantygram on Twitter and also Facebook.