JACK Huston’s girlfriend shows why that gets such a click out of her as she poses in a bikini.

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American model Shannan Click, 37, is in a long-term relationship through the Boardwalk realm actor, 36, who stars in brand-new gangster flick, The Irishman.


American model Shannan Click, 37, poses in a bikini with an loss leaf printCredit: Steve Erle/LICKERISH

The allisonbrookephotography.comuple have actually kids, Cypress, three, and also Sage, six. They’ve clear clicked.

Jack's career has actually been walk from stamin to strength.

The English actor starred in the 2016 reboot the sword and sandals epic Ben-Hur.

Huston took end from Hollywood legend Charlton hoston as the Jewish prince who swears revenge after being betrayed and also sent come the galleys by his adoptive brother, Messala.

Shannan is in a long-term relationship v The Irishman star Jack Huston, 36Credit: PA:Press Association



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In mob epos The Irishman, Huston teams up again with director young name Sallisonbrookephotography.comrsese, who was the executive producer that HBO hit Boardwalk Empire.

The film, which streams ~ above Netflix from November 27, brings with each other the holy trinity that gangster-film iallisonbrookephotography.comns, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and also Joe Pesci.

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It had been 12 year in the making and at £112m, it to be so huge most studios turned that down.

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