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Design: Great form and function—just a couple of caveats 

This vacuum can be configured right into three cleaning modes to target all locations of her home. There space two different settings ~ above the vacuum—position “I” because that bare floors and position “II” because that carpets and also rugs. When the vacuum is top top the second setting, a rotating motor floor brush will aid agitate ground-in dirt, debris, and also pet hair. A eco-friendly light will illuminate to indicate that the brush is on. If there is a jam or blockage in the engine- brush, the irradiate will turn red to educate you that there is a problem. 

With the press of a button, you deserve to remove the canister and use it to clean hard-to-reach places. The vacuum comes through three beneficial accessories: a crevice tool, dusting brush, and also pet power brush. This accessories deserve to be fastened to either the expansion wand or the handle, depending upon how much reach you need. The extension wand will offer you more reach, so friend won’t need to move the canister roughly as much. The water tap on the handle provides more flexibility, permitting you come maneuver far better in tight spaces, however you have to remain closer come the canister. 

One point we no like around the architecture is just how wobbly the canister is, particularly on hardwood floors.

One of the vacuum’s biggest advantages is the high-capacity dust cup—an superior 2.2 dried quarts—which is almost dual the capacity of various other Navigator Lift-Away models. This method you don’t need to empty the vacuum as frequently. Due to the fact that this vacuum is slightly larger than similar vacuums, it’s normally a little bit heavier, too. The vacuum weighs 13.7 pounds when totally assembled, and also 8 pounds in handheld mode. Overall, we uncovered it reasonably easy come maneuver. 

One thing we nothing like around the design is just how wobbly the canister is—especially when provided on hardwood floors. When we were using the extension wand v the miscellaneous attachments, we put the canister on the floor and also it was constantly rocking ago and forth. It even tipped end a few times. In fact, one of the most common complaints amongst users is the the vacuum is prone to tipping over. We intend this is one drawback to its lightweight design. 

Another boy inconvenience that might be considered a design flaw: There room mounts because that the crevice tool and also the dusting brush best on the vacuum cleaner, yet not because that the pet power brush. We found it odd that you need to store simply this one piece seperately. 

Price: A high-quality vacuum for a reasonable price

Retailing for roughly $200, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away expert is among the finest mid-range Shark vacuums ~ above the market. Though it lacks several of the progressed features available on much more expensive models, the still delivers powerful suction and also a selection of cleaning modes for an affordable price.

Competition: lot of of good options, depending upon your budget 

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean AZ1002: Shark vacuums are available at a variety of price points. If you’re searching for a vacuum with a couple of more bells and whistles, a much more expensive model is precious considering. Retailing for $300, the Shark APEX Upright Vacuum through DuoClean (AZ1002) comes v a much steeper price tag, but it has the capability to walk under low furniture for an ext thorough cleaning. Unequal a mid-range vacuum, the APEX can likewise maintain its full suctioning power when its canister is detached, for this reason you have the right to clean under furniture simply as effectively on hardwood or carpet. It likewise comes equipped v some advanced technology, prefer a self-cleaning function that instantly removes hair from the brushroll.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352: If you looking to invest less, the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (NV352) is an affordably priced version with numerous of the same an effective cleaning features. It, too, deserve to be configured into three location to clean every the various areas and also surfaces of your home. It likewise includes a fair amount of accessories to target stairs and pet hair. The Navigator NV352 does have actually a much smaller dust cup capacity—1.2 dried quarts versus the Navigator Professional’s exceptional 2.2 dried quarts—so that will need to cleared a lot more frequently. The cord is likewise 5 feet much shorter which makes it a small trickier to maneuver in big spaces.

A great pick because that a mid-range vacuum.

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The Shark Navigator NV356E is a an effective vacuum and also its all at once performance is nice stellar. The last decision every boils down to your budget and also your specific cleaning needs. You might spend an ext and gain a vacuum through a couple of more bells and whistles, or, you can go v a cheaper model and you might be simply as content.