I might probably sum up our remodeling process in two words, yet for the services of a blog post, I will certainly elaborate. At this point, we have actually moved earlier into our house, so i can talk about the process from start to finish. If girlfriend are reading this just due to the fact that you space curious, or if you space actually considering a remodel, i hope all of this information will help. If you space seriously considering a remodel, i would suggest reading this book. It describes 15 measures for a successful remodel and also how to make it through it. The writer share a lot of of great info!

As i have questioned in vault blog posts, the first steps to be to devise a plan and also pick a contractor. You deserve to read about that HERE. Ours Remodel On big Timber road – The procedure will explain the yes, really construction part of our remodel.

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October 22, 2020

My Dream Job

2020 has actually been weird! ns won’t bore you with a recap of everything an unfavorable that has actually happened. We’ve all had our struggles this year and I am certainly no different. However, something yes, really amazing happened to me at the begin of this pandemic. Something the I had actually prayed for and also dreamed around for a lengthy time. A wish of mine was actually going to come true. The wish to be my dream job!…

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September 21, 2020

Remodel On huge Timber road – Life In A small House

As I’m sitting here writing this blog short article today, I’ve now been life in ours ‘tiny house’ (aka the tiny house) for seven months and also 20 days. Yep, I’m counting! once we moved into our house 24 year ago, our current tiny house was a workshop and also a garage. We want a place for the youngsters to bring their friends and also a comfortable private an are for our guest to stay. Jerry T determined to take on the project himself and after a few months, it to be complete. Us love having it and since the original completion, it’s undergone two makeovers….

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June 29, 2020

Remodel On large Timber roadway – load It Up, relocate It Out


To read part I that our series Remodel On huge Timber roadway – then There was One, click HERE.

Because of the range of our remodel, every little thing had to be relocated out of our house. The exceptions were the maximum ground office and also the garage. For some reason, the thought of pack up our belongings of 24 years never ever really bothered me. Ns planned to start at the ago of the house and also pack one room per day. Unphased by the job ahead the me, my setup for the Remodel On huge Timber road was just to pack It Up, and Move the Out.

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April 7, 2020

Remodel On huge Timber road – climate There was One


Around May, 2019, after A the majority of thought and discussions, Jerry T and I determined that we wanted to remodel our 27 year old home. In reality it was every my idea, but I convinced him it was his idea too. And also after analysis this book, he to be 100% ~ above board. Exactly how do friend even begin this process? I usually knew what I wanted to do, however I necessary someone to bring it come life. Years earlier, I had read an article about a home remodel in our city of Tyler, Texas. The remodel had a contemporary vibe, i m sorry is a small unusual for this area. Ns loved the watch of the so ns took a snapshot of the designer’s name and info and also saved the for several years. …

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February 17, 2020

Johnny’s Condo – 1st Floor – Airbnb Decorating DIY


Who knew the the last line of a blog the was written almost two years back predicting a condo for my boy Jonathan, would actually end up being reality. That’s called the Law of Attraction folks and I’m a believer. First, a tiny history. Johnny’s previous relocate was a little over 3 years ago. That house was a semi fixer-upper that you deserve to read about here and also here.

He eventually determined the residence was a little too large for him and would be much better suited for a family. He had actually a contract nine days after ~ the house went on the market yet the last sale and also closing seemed to take it forever. Having remained in the same residence for 25 years, I’ve forgotten how long and drawn out that stuff gets. In the meantime, he found a three bedroom condo yet just required his home to close, to finalize the deal. Eventually, things fell into place and also Johnny’s Condo became a reality. In fact, the condo’s an initial floor has turned into an Airbnb decorating DIY….

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