My surname is Debi Buchholz and I’m the owner that Sapphire Shih tzu, a tiny Shih Tzu home in Montana, providing Shih Tzu because that sale. We are located in the northwest edge of the state in beautiful Kalispell, Montana, halfway in between Glacier national Park and also Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west the the Mississippi.

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The very first time I observed a Shih Tzu, it to be love at first sight, and I tho love the breed dearly. They

room the most endearing tiny dogs that will steal any type of heart in a moment. Come this day, as soon as I walk right into a specialty show and see all the Shih Tzu prepared to enter the ring, every looking for this reason stunning, it is still magical because that me. I am an extremely concerned around doing what is best for the breed, so that each Shih Tzu has the opportunity to live a full and also happy life, totally free from pains of physics abnormality or emotionally stress.

I gain showing mine Shih Tzu dogs as an owner/handler in both the joined States and also Canada and also I’ve championed several dogs native the Bred-by-Exhibotor class. I think that obtaining championship titles help prove the quality. If they aren’t developed correctly enough to victory under several different judges, then there is a reason and also “should the be in the gene pool?”. I keep a small number of dogs so that they all obtain the time and attention they deserve. My an individual goal is to breed the ideal quality Shih Tzu puppy I deserve to for both structure and also temperment. All Shih Tzu puppy breedings room planned fine in advance and ns breed follow to the AKC standard for the Shih Tzu and also adhere come the American Shih Tzu club’s code of ethics.

While I have may Shih Tzu for sale easily accessible as show prospects or for pets, ns

occasionally have actually a retired Shih Tzu adult to place in a loving family members home. My Shih Tzu because that sale space all elevated in mine house. I perform not have Shih Tzu for sale for breeding purposes. If girlfriend are external the area, dogs have the right to be shipped at details times that the year, and also I will be accessible by phone to assist you through your brand-new Shih Tzu puppy’s manners and any concerns you may have. As an AKC Breeder the Merit, mine Shih Tzu because that sale are sold with a health guarantee, life-time support, AKC minimal registry and a spay/neuter requirement.

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I to be a Karen Pryor Academy Certified maintain Partner and a mentor/instructor for animal Behavior College, so my Shih Tzu puppies get too many of behavior training. I am also an AKC Canine good Citizen evaluator and a member the the association of expert Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Pet professional Guild. I’m a liscenced presenter for household Paws Dogs and Storks and Dogs and also Toddlers, focusing on bite avoidance for families who space expecting or who have actually toddlers in the home. Because that older children, I’m also liscenced because that Doggone for sure Dog Bite avoidance program.