Shooted is an obsolete, nonstandard basic past tense and also past participle of shoot. (source)

You need to not usage this form. Shot is proper.

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It"s still supplied sometimes, however it"s really obsolete. Example:

He take it his gun and also shooted people just like, indigenous one block the LePlaza and two block from the main police terminal of PAP.

— The Huffington Post, “Georgianne Nienaber: city council Leahy Calls for Freeze on Haiti Aid, Clinton Silent, Palin visits Camps”

It"s likewise common to use shooted when asking:

Have you ever before shooted a gun?

Although it"s likewise improper and the exactly term is "Have you ever shot a gun?"

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It"s related to usage.

Shooted is used when speaking of plants sending out out shoots (My lilies have actually shooted). It"s normally intransitive.

Shot is provided in many other contexts. It deserve to be transitive (I shoot the sheriff) or intransitive (The kids shot the end of course as soon as the bell rang).

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Shot is the correct previous tense the shoot. Shot is likewise a noun introduce to the firing of a pistol or the projectile that is blasted the end of one.

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