They to speak heartbreak eases over time, however for fans of Friday Night lamp , the pain over the series" untimely end is still just as real nearly three year after the show went turn off the air. Despite retrospectives, reunions, and also all the binge-watching Netflix can offer, very tiny has assisted lessen the ache of losing one that the ideal TV dramas ever made.

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At first, this seemed choose a good thing; why would we want to forget the display that broke our hearts, made united state care around football, and also featured the finest marriage ever before on TV? after ~ a couple years of nostalgia, though, constantly going "gee, if only this was fifty percent as an excellent as FNL" started to acquire tiring. A few times, there was reason to think the we"d found a perfect replacement for the show — the Tami Taylor-starring Nashville, Landry"s season top top Breaking negative , Zach Gilford"s short-lived off the Map — yet in three years, nothing television has created has truly assisted take far the pain.

Finally, though, the seems like our FNL nostalgia can finally come to an end. In 2014, a handful of TV shows have the potential to it is in the next Friday Night Lights, either due to the fact that of the people affiliated or the plots featured or, in some cases, a mix of both. Nothing will ever before really change Friday Night Lights, the course, but these 5 shows will likely come together close together we can ever hope.

1. About a Boy

Based ~ above the best-selling novel by Nick Hornby (and the Hugh Grant-starring movie that come after), about a Boy, premiering ~ above Feb. 21, is one upcoming NBC drama around the friendship between a successful, immature male (New Girl"s David Walton) and a lonely, strange 11-year-old (1600 Penn"s Benjamin Stockham). While the plot is nothing prefer Friday Night Lights, its manufacturing is; around a young is written and also produced by FNL head writer Jason Katims. Katims, as all FNL fans space aware, knows a thing or two about making high quality TV shows about family and friendship. His joining alone is factor to think that about a Boy can be our new favorite, FNL-inspired show.

2. Parenthood

And speaking of Katims, his best post-Friday Night lamp endeavor, Parenthood, is earlier for its 5th season and better than ever. It"s long been recognized that the Katims-created Parenthood is the ideal show you"re not watching, however if you"re ever before going to think about giving it a shot, now"s the time. Despite an essential acclaim and also a golden Globe nomination for star Monica Potter, the future that the series is unclear, thanks to repeatedly low ratings. If the does obtain cancelled, it"ll be a actual shame; various other than just being a an excellent quality show, Parenthood has provided FNL alums Michael B. Jordan, Minka Kelly, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and also Matt Lauria each serious arcs throughout the food of its five seasons. While there"s no currently any FNL gibbs featured top top the show (Lauria and Smollett-Bell both just ended their stays), the plot the Parenthood, around the honest, complex, frequently frustrating relationships in between family, friends, and co-workers couldn"t it is in any more reminiscent of our beloved show.

3. Friday Night Tykes


An Esquire Network docuseries the premiered top top Jan. 14, Friday Night Tykes is perhaps the 2014 show most similar to FNL. There"s the name, the course, and also the topic matter, Texas football, and also the seriousness that the topics it approaches: safety, parenting, competition in between players. However there is one crucial difference in between the two shows: Tykes, like its name suggests, focuses on the Rookies department of the Texas Youth Football association — meaning, 8 and 9 year olds. Think Gracie Bell is gearing up?

4. The typical Heart

Yes, it"s a TV movie, no a series, however it would be difficult to talk around Friday Night lights replacements without discussing The common Heart. The upcoming drama stars Taylor Kitsch, forever known to FNL fans together Tim Riggins, together an AIDS activist in the beforehand "80s. The typical Heart isn"t the just project coming the end this year starring an FNL alum, of course, yet it"s among the many high-profile, and likewise the one that requirements our assistance the most. FNL fans recognize that Kitsch has had a rough few years in Hollywood ~ the series" end, acquisition the fall for package office bombs the were man Carter and also Battleship. The typical Heart is just one of the an initial projects he"s taken on post-FNL the looks promising; do Riggins a donate by helping an increase the film"s ratings as soon as it premieres this spring.

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5. The Leftovers

Co-creator Damon Lindelof on The Leftovers, one upcoming HBO drama collection about a post-Rapture society: "If Lost and also Friday Night lamp had a baby and then that baby to be severely neglected, that would certainly be The Leftovers." as if that wasn"t enough reason to song in, The Leftovers, based on the acclaimed novel by Tom Perrotta, is supposed to it is in an emotional, stirring drama around human connection. FNL creator Peter Berg has signed on to direct and also executive produce.