Hewwoo!! Welcome to posing tips & tricks with Bee vol. 3! (You can discover the first one below andthe second one here ). Now we’re diving a bit deeper, hope it will certainly be valuable to you!

1. Changing the Pivot point

You’ve currently learned that locking joints is the perfect means to stop weirdly bent limbs, now it’s time to take it a action further. After you locked the joints in a way that deserve to only be bent in Z axis, you can relocate them together by transforming the pivot points.

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It saves a lot of time when you get offered to it! Not only for fingers, however likewise for knees, arms, the spine and pretty much for everything else too!

2. Change your perspective!

Look up! And dvery own. And everything in between. So because we’re making our poses in ortho watch, it have the right to be a small tricky if you make them only by looking at the pose from a certain suggest of watch. Here’s an extremely exaggerated example:


See, if I posed the hands before relocating the rigs together, I would’ve gone with the trouble of adjusting the arms, the hands, the fingers all over aget. So yeah, it’s an excellent concept to pose the hands the last.

4. Feet on the ground!

Always make certain the feet is not sinking (or floating). That little bit green line tright here is your friend. It will tell you wbelow the ground is.


6. Bend the knee!!

Sometimes you must bend the knee, am I right? Well, unfortunately it doesn’t constantly look great in Blender though… So what are we gonna to? We’re gonna usage a lil’ trick! We’re gonna bfinish the knee as we wish, then we’ll usage the blue/green/red arrows to move the knee in various methods until that tragic clipping line disappears! AWESOME ISN’T IT?!?!


7. The perfect kiss!

So, as soon as it involves kissing poses, you need to accept the reality that they won’t work-related via eextremely sim you have actually, bereason every sim has various facial frameworks.

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In basic,“G” is your finest frifinish once making them kiss!


–So, that was all for this time! Hope you uncover it valuable. Making your own poses is very rewarding and also satisfying, so offer it a chance! I know Blender looks intimidating at initially however with practice it becomes easier.Take care!!