the finest models i have ever before seen in a renpy game. Great work. If you save it up favor that, you will obtain a lots of patreon ns think.

Thanks, i don"t execute patreon, i m so sad the storyline isn"t mine and also i won"t collect money there is no consent that the author.

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If you to speak so, i"m okay with that. Yet keep rendering. I favored your stuff and also think the this novel appears promising.


the general game seemed ok... Couple things ns wasn"t to crawl on.. The advent and filling in the the characters story"s really seemed to traction out a little longer 보다 needed.. It to be an ugh... And also the naming... Susan and also Suzanne?... Didn"t favor that much..not certain if the was laziness..or ..maybe over there is a twist in the story coming since of the naming?.. Yet to near in names because that me..other than that appreciated the brief early version..cheers.
While ns will probably return to this, however due the slowness of the advance and how little there was to see even though this is illustration 4, it will be a long time prior to I retry this one. Maybe approximately episode 14 or so. I did enjoy the renders, however the story buildup is too painfully slow. No activity in it at all, for this reason far.

I totaly forgot, i said just over that i will certainly credit the author, it"s my an initial time with posting and got a small carried ...
I totaly forgot, i stated just above that i will credit the author, it"s my an initial time with posting and got a little carried ...

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Yeah, I currently played this exact game under a different name little bit back.. Go you just re-release this?
Yeah, I currently played this precise game under a various name for bit back.. Go you just re-release this?
It is but is no the exact same game! permit me explain, there to be a game called "Lovers Lane" that supplied the characters and it"s more than likely what you played, but since the game was never finished he took on the characters of that game to collection up this VN the a story referred to as like this video game "6 time a Day" additionally all this info to answer your inquiry is in this thread if you occur to read the other post on it made the is just 3 pages....