Reality TV reflects are a dime a dozen. Because their inception, fact shows have actually been done to death, and seemingly every principle imaginable has actually been explored. Then come Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, where 2 strangers space left naked and also with no resources and must make it through in the wild because that a month. It’s one of the most bizarre principles for a TV show ever. Saturday Night Live appears to establish the insanity the Naked and also Afraid, and also decided to elevate the stakes with a fictitious celebrity version. Examine it out.

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This sketch was absolutely the strongest from last night’s episode, and also it functioned so well because that a couple of reasons.

First off, having actually Peter Dinklage and also Leslie Jones playing exaggerated execution of themselves functioned really well. If the quick would have functioned if they were playing brand-new characters, the added comedy the the SNL actress and Game the Thrones star being stranded together made every hoax land harder.

There was a good deal of physics comedy that worked simply by pairing Leslie Jones through Peter Dinklage. Jones stands at 6 foot and made her personality equally large in this digital short. This juxtaposition between Dinklage’s right man, and their physics discrepancies, created each shoot of Naked and Afraid being humorous.

Definitely mine favorite component of Naked and also Afraid: Celebrity Edition to be Leslie Jones’ insistence come calling Peter Dinklage Tyrion. Because Game of Thrones is such a widely well-known show, people must describe Dinklage together Tyrion Lannister all the time. The shock that meeting/being close to a celebrity has been well-known to render united state civilians starstruck, and surely human being momentarily forget the actor’s name, however remember his character. Leslie Jones exaggerates this by referring to Peter as Tyrion because that the totality of your naked 21 days.

Leslie Jones started off crazy in this map out immediately. Showing up to begin shooting in one uber, she exit the vehicle already totally naked. When Peter Dinklage make the efforts to preserve his composure and quickly disrobes himself, things only proceed to escalate once the duo disclose what survival tool they each lugged with them. Return Dinklage lugged flint to produce fire, Jones just lugged a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot. She puts that shit top top everything.

Adding come the hilarity the Leslie Jones’ antics in survival room her lustful feelings in the direction of the Game of Thrones actor. She is shown checking “Tyrion” out often, and also quickly provides her move when the two room cuddling to keep warm. When spooning Dinklage, Jones allows her hand linger under to the Lannister jewels, lot to his dismay and also my delight.

Overall, Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition to be a standout moment from one otherwise shaky illustration of Saturday Night Live. What did girlfriend think of last night’s episode? Sound turn off in the comment ar below.

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