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A aboriginal Colombian, Sofia is a passionate coffee lover. So, when SharkNinja CEO, note Rosenzweig, invited Sofia into the development process for the groundbreaking brand-new Ninja Coffee Bar, she jumped in ~ the possibility to assist develop a coffee an equipment that would enable her to enjoy the complete flavor potential of coffee.

With that Auto-iQ™ One Touch intelligence Technology, the Ninja Coffee Bar delivers customizable choices for smooth, wealthy coffee in a cup, take trip mug or carafe. “When mark told me around their plan to create the Ninja Coffee Bar, i knew I had to get affiliated from both a an individual and organization perspective,” claimed Vergara. “This is the ideal coffee i have ever before made on mine own and the finest coffee device I have ever used.”

According to louis Balaguer, CEO that Latin people Entertainment, “SharkNinja is a company known because that innovation, market dominance, and also customer satisfaction. They important share Sofia’s enthusiasm for both coffee and also creating commodities that enhance the lives of their customers. A perfect companion for the Sofia Vergara way of living brand.”

The Ninja Coffee Bar likewise makes refresh iced coffee by allowing users to dial up the wealth of their coffee to balance out the dilution caused by melt ice. Through dialing increase the richness also further, the consumer can do both hot and cold specialty coffee drinks traditionally served just in coffeehouses. Vergara continued, “I never even thought that was possible to do a an excellent iced coffee in ~ home! Why walk out and also spend a the majority of money as soon as you can make amazing coffee drinks in your own home? ns thrilled to be collaborating v SharkNinja to bring delicious coffee and specialty drink to kitchen countertops almost everywhere America.”

“Offering standard Brew, well-off Brew, Over ice Brew and Specialty Brew, The Ninja Coffee Bar will certainly not only transform the coffee industry, we think the new technology we’ve arisen together will truly adjust the method consumers make—and drink—their coffee,” stated Rosenzweig. “The Ninja Coffee Bar will aid coffee lovers create delicious, rich, smooth coffee, iced coffee and coffeehouse-style specialty drink to gain at home and also on the go.”

The Ninja Coffee Bar is easily accessible at significant retailers nationwide, starting at $139.99MSRP.

For an ext information about the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer and added SharkNinja products, you re welcome visithttp://www.ninjacoffeebar.com; you can likewise learn much more at Facebook.com/NinjaCoffeeBar and also
NinjaCoffeeBar top top Twitter.

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