Looking because that the best platform beds? We're through you. There's so much to love around them: They've got low profiles, have sleek style, and often come through plenty of storage space. They're additionally ready to pair with your mattress, with no require for a crate spring (read: one much less thing come buy). We gathered increase 18 the our favourite options, v a format to fit every bedroom. There space plenty the gorgeous options, from wood to velvet, Danish contemporary to industrial. Read on to uncover our selection of super-stylish platform beds, alongside enthusiastic client reviews and warranty details, that will certainly raise your bedroom's profile–and most are under $1,000.

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Trisha steel Platform Bed structure with Headboard

If you're in search of a steel frame, this communication bed is a hard choice. Supportive and also minimal, it will certainly be ideal at home in any kind of industrial, modern, or contemporary bedroom. 

Return Window: 100 days

Warranty: 5 years

Star rating: 4.7 out of 5 

Customer Review: "What an remarkable frame. This point is together sturdy as earthquake-proof buildings. It was easier to put together 보다 IKEA furniture and must have actually been packaged by a wizard. The velcro that holds the slats in location is creation like I've never ever seen before. The bed framework is sleek and modern and will certainly impress that one-of-a-kind someone."—Megan, reviewer on Amazon

$129 in ~ Amazon


Stromsburg Queen platform Bed

If you're in search of clean lines that will fit into your modern-day decor, this platform bed delivers lock in spades. The neutral hardwood will fit well with any type of color palette and the prolonged side rails offer it a distinctive look. 

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: 5 years

Star rating: 3.9 out of 5 

Customer Review: “I ultimately love the bed frame its sturdy and really modern. The really provides the room feel much less bulky (if that renders sense). I arrangement to place strip lamp underneath to give it the extra elevated look."—Ryan, reviewer on Wayfair

$410 in ~ Wayfair


Ursula platform Bed

The combined metals and also modular design of this item will include a advanced touch to your bedroom decor. The gorgeous complete of this pinewood platform bed will fit into any kind of color palette, and there's many of under-the-bed warehouse space.

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: 5 years

Star rating: 4.8 the end of 5

Customer Review: "Love this bed frame. Mine boyfriend claimed it was straightforward to placed together, take it him around 45 minutes. I have a 12" mattress and also there is no gap in between the mattress and also the headboard, which is what ns was worried about. The pine headboard looks yes, really clean and also simple. No squeaking and seems sturdy."—Abbie, reviewer on Wayfair

$310 in ~ Wayfair


Dondra Teak Queen Bed

This communication bed is mindfully manufactured with sustainable mango wood and also solid teak reclaimed from dwellings no longer in use in India. The to mark teak has natural knows, splits, and markings and lends an earthen feeling to any kind of room. 

Return Window: 90 days

Warranty: not available

Star Rating: 4.5 the end of 5 stars

Customer Review: "Absolutely love this bed. I purchased it about seven months back and have actually been so happy through it. It's the kind of piece that you can feel an excellent about investing in due to its quality, durability, and a timeless and also versatile aesthetic. In my California modern-day home it's a basic piece that speaks for itself, and also looks great with my beige linen duvet. But in a couple of years when I'm ready for a refresh, this bed will easily translate well into a new design story. Impressive product, good customer support. Delivery and collection up was amazing! It's precious the price, and is other that will certainly last a lifetime!"—Gabraelle, reviewer on CB2

$899 in ~ CB2


Nectar communication Bed

This midcentury-modern structure may be simple, however it will provide you all the lift girlfriend need. It's made out of pine, and is easily accessible in white, golden oak, and black (pictured).

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: 1 year

Star rating: 4.9 the end of 5

Customer Review: "This bed framework was an extremely convenient; that is not an overwhelming to rally (the instructions are an extremely clear), and also it offers sufficient stability for a calm sleep."—Baltazar J., reviewer on Nectar

$379 $279 at Nectar

Tuft and also Needle Frame

This wood frame is available in a walnut or an oak end up (pictured). Either complete will mix beautifully into a contemporary space. If you've been thinking around giving her bedroom an upgrade, this bed structure will definitely assist you elevate your space.

Return Window: 100 days

Warranty: 12 years

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Review: "Love, love, love this bed frame! mine husband and also I seek out USA-made products. This bed structure is just as pictured, the color and quality room terrific. Love the elegance and simplicity of the all. Very stable. No squeaks. Easy assembly. No complaints. Us bought a queen size 11.5 inch Saatva mattress because that it and it fits perfectly. We use it alone there is no a crate spring and it is a perfect height for us.... The mattress is a perfect to the right (and) seems prefer it will certainly last united state a lengthy time."—Jaime G., reviewer on Tuft & Needle

$995 at Tuft and Needle

The Floyd communication Bed

You deserve to order this communication bed with its corresponding headboard or without, depending on your style. This bed comes in a selection of colors: girlfriend can select birchwood or walnut wood, and also either white or black steel supports. The image over showcases walnut through a black color metal. And also if you're trying to find storage space, you'll be happy to recognize you can add one to two integrated storage drawers to this low-profile bed frame. As a bonus, it's insanely an easy to assemble. Our editor, Zoë Sessums agrees. 

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: 10 years

Star Rating: 4.8 the end of 5 stars

Customer Review: "Throughout the time I’ve own my Floyd bed frame, I’ve moved three times. Every time I’ve moved the least of my problems has been the Floyd bed frame. In every room I’ve lived, this bed structure has added a sense of minimal style that ns live for. That looks great in my home!" —Luke H., reviewer on Floyd

$750 in ~ Floyd

Dorinda Solid timber Platform Bed

This stylish communication bed with a spindle headboard is crafted the end of solid pinewood, and also is easily accessible in white, caramel, black, irradiate oak, and walnut (pictured).

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: 1 year

Star Rating: 4.2 the end of 5 stars

Customer Review: "I have actually expensive taste and high standards, and also I to be seriously questioning the price point of this bed, reasoning it was too affordable to be any kind of good. I was wrong.… This bed is beautiful. It has actually a lovely short profile mid-century look to it the is no feminine or masculine. The spindle headboard does not overwhelm the room however rather it offers you the chance to have a little much more freedom and also play with your space. The wood is lovely with its organic grain and a few knots.… No creaks, no squeaks, and it feeling super sturdy."—Matthew, reviewer on AllModern

$599 $480 in ~ AllModern

The Bed

Made the upcycled and repurposed rubberwood, this environment-friendly option from Thuma also includes the headboard, obtainable in gray (pictured) or cream. Because that each of this sturdy choices sold, Thuma will plant a tree in partnership through One Tree Planted.

Return Window: 100 days

Warranty: Lifetime

Star Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Customer Review: “Top notch quality and also they weren't kidding when they claimed it can be assembled in minutes. Doesn't do a squeak and looks beautiful.” —Jordan M., reviewer on Thuma

$995 in ~ Thuma

Zipcode architecture Gray Aquilla Tufted short Profile platform Bed

If you're searching for a modern fabric bed structure that will certainly look polished and grown-up without stealing the show, you've found it. The dashboard headboard is perfect come sit versus and read or clock TV, and the style can blend into just around any decor. 

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: One year

Star rating: 4.5 out of 5

Customer Review: “Love love love! ns was sort of fear to stimulate this bed because there weren't many reviews contrasted to the other beds i was looking at ,but this one to be the cheapest therefore I resolved for this and also I couldn’t have been happier. The simple, not too low, not too high, no basic needed, and came in perfect condition. It to be a really an excellent deal because that a king dimension bed. Very recommend it!”—Robyn, reviewer on Wayfair

$300 $235 in ~ Wayfair

Oak Basi Queen wooden Platform Bed

For a softer look, the Basi is another one that the finest platform bed you'll find. The legs and also sideboards space made of solid timber throughout, and it's accessible in 3 stains: black, walnut, and also oak (pictured). The bed is compatible with countless headboards, prefer the Lito Cascadia headboard. 

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: 1 year

Star rating: 4.6 the end of 5

Customer Review: "The Basi queen bed framework exceeded my expectations. It’s very solid and well made. The place of the legs offers the bed a floating impact and enables the bed header come sit do the washing up to the wall without obstructing floor trim. Assembly was not complicated but over there are plenty of bolts. Packaging was very secure."—Eric, reviewer on Article

$850 $449 at Article

Priage by Zinus Upholstered platform Bed Frame

This steel framework with a modern design supplies stylish sturdiness. It has supportive wood slats, and, similar to all communication beds, no crate spring mattress is required. With 356 five-star reviews, you could be the following happy customer of this Zinus model. 

Shipping: 5–10 company days

Warranty: 5 years

Star rating: 4.7 out of 5

Customer Review: "Wow. My negative husband spent 5 hours placing together a dresser from IKEA (he's very handy and patient, yet that virtually did him in) and also then turned to the Zinus platform Bed Frame. It take it him much less than 15 minutes. The couldn't believe three things about it: 1. How easy it to be to put together; 2. Exactly how sturdy that was as soon as assembled; and 3. How little we paid because that such a great bed. We've currently decided the if we ever before need another guest bedroom collection up, we're no doing any research—we're just going through this bed again!"—Dee Dee, reviewer on Overstock

$313 $256 in ~ Overstock

Marte communication Bed

From metropolitan Outfitters' Marte collection, this sandy rubberwood and also rattan bed frame and also headboard will lighten and also brighten your an are with its cheerful yet modern-day silhouette. The tapered legs was standing at 11 inch high, and the bed is obtainable in two finishes: white (pictured) and a darker brown.

Return Window: 60 days

Warranty: not available

Star rating: 4.1 out of 5

Customer Review: "I for sure love this bed! easy to assemble and an excellent quality."—Alexis R., reviewer on Urban Outfitters

$899 at urban Outfitters

Leesa communication Bed

This straightforward platform bed is basic to assemble and also features clean grey upholstery end Birchwood slats and also legs. The modern style and also hassle-free set up do this another one the the ideal bed frames.

Return Window: 100 days

Warranty: 5 years

Star rating: 4 the end of 5

Customer Review: "I have actually two of these platform beds. They space quiet with no squeaks, sell firm mattress support, and also the wood bars space wrapped in fabric. It's steady mattress does no slip or move and has wonderful support."—Steve, reviewer on Leesa

$599 in ~ Leesa

The Lull communication Bed Frame

This high-quality wood bed provides a contemporary, minimal architecture that will look sleek in any kind of bedroom. The slatted base is draft to encourage airflow and also keep your mattress cool. Beneath the bed, you'll discover 6.5 inch of storage space.

Return Window: 100 days

Warranty: 1 year

Star rating: 4.3 the end of 5

Customer Review: "Assembly is basic to do, instructions are straightforward … it rests on slats the are reduced into the basic of the bed. It's pretty straightforward to put together and also take apart, therefore if you relocate a lot and need come take your furniture with you this is something that you can failure pretty quickly and also reassemble. And it watch great! It yes, really completes the look at of the bedroom." —Ben, reviewer on Lull

$599 at Lull

Sleep Sync Valentina Upholstered Velvet platform Bed Frame

This tufted velvet bed frame absolutely stands out from the crowd of metal and also wood with its interlocutor hue and sunburst headboard. Don't allow the nice exterior silly you: It's a made-to-last, sturdy bed with center support legs and birch slats. It's accessible in queen and king sizes, and also comes in 2 colors: affluent blue (seen here) and aqua. 

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: One year

Star rating: 4.7 out of 5

Customer Review: “The looks of this bed is outstanding. The sturdy framework for hefty weight is likewise welcome. Very nice sturdy bed and frame because that my guest room.”—Cathy, reviewer on Overstock

$322 in ~ Overstock

Allmodern Radcliff Upholstered Bed

Elevate your bedroom through this decidedly classy frame. It attributes a solid wood base through a warm, walnut end up with a nicely tufted cloth inlay. Seen right here with oatmeal fabric, it's also accessible with gray. 

Return Window: 30 days

Warranty: no available

Star rating: 4.6 the end of 5

Customer Review: “Great, solid construction and relatively easy come assemble. Ns assembled it there is no help, but with two world it would be better. If girlfriend don't usage a box spring the mattress sits reasonably low to the ground. It's a nice piece of furniture and good value."—Jim, reviewer on AllModern

$550 at AllModern

Malik Mid-Century Linen Upholstered platform Bed

This upholstered headboard's upright paneling through linen finish gives the a beachy, laidback look. It's sturdily built, with facility legs and also wooden slats to save you and also your mattress supported. Shop the bed in blue, beige, or gray.

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Return Window: 90 days

Warranty: One year

Star rating: 5 the end of 5

Customer Review: "I love the look of my new bed. The cloth is great—soft and also lush. The was straightforward to put together, i had help to put the bed base on the last leg to lift that up. It feels an extremely sturdy and I'm happy v my purchase!"—Kendra, reviewer on Target

$360 at Target
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