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Song Joong Ki has constantly been called a flower young in southern Korea. This is a name the the locals contact those males who space really handsome.

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Since Joong Ki is yes, really good-looking, fans are wondering how many girlfriends the had before marrying tune Hye Kyo in 2017. V his face and intelligence, many are guessing that he dated a many girls but showed up to be no true together he in reality dated simply one or two. Listed below are celebrities and non-celebrities that were linked to the actor.

Park Min Young

Song Joong Ki became popular ~ starring together a playboy in the Joseon era in 2010’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” Park Min Young is the lead actress in this drama and also although they are not the key couple, it was rumored that the two are falling in love when filming. However it seems that lock did not really date it stayed unconfirmed as much as now.

Moon Chae Won

The actor was Chae Won’s leading man in the “Innocent Guy” and also with their good chemistry and extra closeness ~ above the collection and since of this, they were rumored come have finished up as lover in genuine life.

Channel Korea reported that in an interview, Moon Chae Won claimed that she is yes, really comfortable working with song Joong Ki and also this additional heightened the speculations the they room dating. Lock did no deny or recognize it but the actor stated that even if it is he is in a relationship or not, he enjoys dating in an enig and that is telling something.

He was additionally linked come the second lead actress in the “Innocent Man,” Park Si Yeon however this to be denied. Girl Generation’s clear was likewise briefly connected to tune Joong Ki together she is among his avid fans and she repeatedly asserted on broadcast the she likes the actor and also they met top top “Running Man” already.

Joong Ki’s first love

This is most likely the only shown girlfriend that song Joong Ki has actually prior to tie the knot with track Hye Kyo. Sina, a Chinese media outlet, released a collection of sticker picture of the actor and his ex-girlfriend. Obviously, it was taken before he debuted together an actor.

Many thought that this is the mrs that tune Joong Ki has been stating as his first love who he dated for just 103 days. He claimed he quiet can’t forget about her even though she’s currently married and also she to be the one that dumped him.

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Finally, as everyone currently knows, tune Joong Ki finished up marrying his “Descendants of the Sun” co-star tune Hye Kyo however unfortunately, they barely 2 years after their wedding.