Every track In Magic Mike Magic Mike attributes a proper party soundtrack, one that"s cleverly designed because that the exotic dancing premise. Here"s every featured track.

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Channing Tatum joe manganiello Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike

Magic Mike features a an excellent soundtrack, i m sorry is cleverly designed come perfectly match the exotic dancing premise. Starring Channing Tatum together a masculine stripper with large dreams and a huge personality, Steven Soderbergh"s 2012 film has become something that a cult classic because its release and also inspired both the 2015 sequel, Magic Mike XXL, and a stage show.

In Magic Mike, a Tampa entrepreneur named Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) runs Xquisite piece Club. His main attraction, Mike (Tatum), recruits regional teenager Adam (Alex Pettyfer) and also introduces him come an intoxicating lifestyle complete of sex, drugs, and quick cash. It"s likewise a film of conflict as plenty of of the home scenes are entirely quiet with Soderbergh focusing on the interior mindsets of his characters, quite than just their gyrating bodies. However at the very same time, the film keeps a secure rhythm v over 30 songs featured over the 110-minute runtime. The primary conflict revolves around Dallas" domineering ways and also Mike"s promise to Adam"s sisters Brooke (Cody Horn) that he"ll watch after "The Kid." Now streaming on Netflix, Magic Mike co-stars Olivia Munn, Matt Bomer, Riley Keogh, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, and also Kevin Nash.

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The Magic Mike soundtrack includes tracks through cheeky titles the align with many of the on-stage performance scenes. Soderbergh incorporates a couple of soft absent hits and also even a standard country tune from the at an early stage 2000s, however the majority of the film is composed of hip-hop numbers and electro-themed tone-setters, with Ginuwine"s "Pony" sitting as the crowning glory. Here"s every featured song on the Magic Mike soundtrack.

"Breakdown" - Alice Russell

"Learn my Lesson" - The Sheepdogs

"Feels Like the first Time" (Acoustic) - Foreigner

"#1 Nite" - Cobra Starship

"Love appropriate Now" - Ricky Blaze

"It"s raining Men" - Countre Black

"Booty Work (One Cheek at a Time)" - T-Pain feat. Joey Galaxy

"Bang Bang Boom" - The Unknown

"Like a Virgin" - Chris Mitchell

"Fish in the Sea" - Frootful

"Gimmie What you Got" - Black Daniel

"New Beat" - Toro y Moi

"Save a steed (Ride a Cowboy)" - Big & Rich

"Pony" - Ginuwine

"Just because that Now" - Cloud Control

"Sound turn off (Duckworth Chant)" - Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Matthew McConaughey, Kevin Nash, Alex Pettyfer, Adam Rodriguez, and Channing Tatum

"Money" - Ringside

"This Is Hot" - Hotheadz

"Sassy Sexy Wiggle" - Joe Tex

"Mo Cash!" - Vegas Audio Ninjas

"Wash U Clean" - Beth Thornley

"Love Shot" - The Blue Van

"Nothing" - Young Man

"Calypso" - excision & Datsik

"Victim" - Win victory feat. Blaqstarr

"Divine" - Paul Allen and also The natural Born Swimmers

"Ladies of Tampa" - Matthew McConaughey

"Calling Dr. Love" - KISS

"Got 2 Luv U" - Sean Paul feat. Alexis Jordan

"Feels Like the an initial Time" - Foreigner

"Ladies of Miami" - Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike
Soderbergh opens Magic Mike v "Breakdown" together the location character top to a blue-collar job after a night the fun. "Feels prefer the very first Time" plays once Adam has a drink v Brooke, and also "#1 Nite" scores the minute when Mike reflects Adam roughly his workplace and also introduces him to the "C**k-rocking Kings." for the very first big dance number, Soderbergh supplies "It"s raining Men" and follows it up with the "Booty work-related (One Cheek in ~ a Time)" as Adams grins and sees his big opportunity.

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"Like a Virgin" accompanies Adam"s first performance scene, and he later rocks out to "Save a equine (Ride a Cowboy)" when in character as a boot-scootin" outlaw. Once Mike screens his athleticism (and Tatum"s to dance experience) if dancing come "Pony," Brooke watches indigenous the audience joyfully. A little later, the entire crew gets under to "Sound turn off (Duckworth Chant)."

When Mike performs in ~ a house party, "Wash U Clean" catches the inherent mood of the patrons. Dallas later delivers a comedic power on stage with "Ladies of Tampa," which is followed up through a etc smash and also "Calling Dr. Love." Magic Mike ends through the return that "Feels like the very first Time," and also the last minutes the the credits feature "Ladies of Miami."