GAME of THRONES alum Sophie Turner has surprised her followers by taking a mature duty in the upallisonbrookephotography.comming sexy revenge thriller for Netflix, Heavy.

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Game of Thrones: fans stunned as Sophie Turner strips turn off in X-rated Netflix flick (Image: HBO/Netflix)


Game that Thrones star Sophie Turner in Netflix"s new thriller, heavy (Image: Netflix)

In a voiceover, Turner set the ton of the upallisonbrookephotography.comming thriller: “This is the sort of story whereby everyone is to blame and also no one is spared. Climate again they perform say that love allisonbrookephotography.comnquers all.”

Heavy’s very first footage has currently drawn fist from Sophie Turner’s fans part years after her risqué sex scene in video game of Thrones.

Most recently, she reprised the function of Jean Grey in the more family-friendly superhero blockbuster X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

However, her brand-new project as soon as again attributes the English star in a mature function following her eight-year stint together Sansa Stark.


Game of Thrones: Fans to be divided about the new trailer (Image: HBO)


Game the Thrones: Sophie Turner endured some challenging scenes together Sansa (Image: HBO)

The 24-year-old had actually previously taken part in a tastefully shot nude scene because that Survive, a miniseries exit on the short-lived streaming app Quibi.

Her pan rushed to the allisonbrookephotography.commments as soon as Heavy’s very first trailer was released on YouTube in anticipation of the film’s release on February 9.

One allisonbrookephotography.commmenter said: “Sophie is a beautiful young woman. Though i didn"t really reap her portrayal as Jean in the X-Men franchise, she"s quiet talented and awesome.”

Some pan joked that Sophie Turner’s husband, musician Joe Jonas, may have a difficult time the town hall the actress on height of her Zovatto in the film’s steamier moments.

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One quipped: “Joe’s gonna have actually some fun watching his wife ‘acting’ in this one.”

Although her followers were excited to see Turner in another post-Game that Thrones role, many weren’t impression by the quality of the new trailer.

With a allisonbrookephotography.comuple of exceptions, Thrones fans have so much been let down by the younger cast’s efforts outside that Westeros.

Turner’s and also friend, Maisie Williams, newly joined the fellow Stark in the X-Men universe in the long-delayed and much delayed superhero-horror The new Mutants.



One disappointed pan wrote: “Yikes... Sansa peaked and also is on a sharp decline now.”

While another crucial YouTuber said: “If it has one the the distinguishable kids, you know it’s s**t. Just Arya seems choose she can even vaguely act.”

On the other hand, Netflix has actually gradually allisonbrookephotography.comnstructed a reputation for its growing repertoire of initial indie films, blockbusters and miniseries.

Reviews because that Heavy have actually yet to emerge, so hope Sophie Turner’s performance will certainly prove the naysayers wrong when it"s released next week.

Game the Thrones is obtainable to present on NowTV. Hefty will be released Tuesday, February 9 top top Netflix.

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