Not gift able to accessibility your on facebook profile is a real headache, especially when you don’t know precisely what’s causing the problem. Well, the situation that ideal describes this feeling is once you try to log right into Facebook yet get a share “Sorry, something go wrong” error message without any type of further explanation.

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If you encounter the device error we’ve already described, there’s no must panic. There is no problem with your on facebook account, and yes, your personal information is constantly safe. However, there may be a difficulty with the on facebook application itself, together the “Something went wrong” error post usually explains a software-related difficulty that has occurred on the on facebook platform.

So in most cases, the trouble should solve itself automatically if you are patient enough. If friend think miscellaneous in your home windows 10 mechanism is causing the problem, you deserve to use the diagnostic methods described below by

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How deserve to I solve the “Sorry, something go wrong” error?Frequently inquiry Questions

What causes the “Sorry, something walk wrong” error?


The Cache: periodically the cache stored by an applications or browser can be the cause of this error. Part startup configurations space cached through apps and also mobile devices to reduce load times and administer a smoother experience. However, this cached data can be corrupted, i m sorry can reason the error come occur. Cached data can also prevent updates come the news feed.

The Referrals: In part cases, credentials and also other data stored in the Facebook application may result in this error. The data might be untrue or corrupt, so it might prevent friend from logging in.

The Extensions: If you usage a browser with countless extensions or add-ons, on facebook may have actually trouble loading particular pages. Extensions and add-ons deserve to sometimes prevent specific pages native loading, i m sorry can reason Facebook no to load in this case.

The Cookies: Cookies are stored through browsers to speed up the loading of particular pages and carry out a smoother experience. However, periodically they can gain corrupted and also prevent the web page from loading.

How deserve to I settle the “Sorry, something walk wrong” error?


Clear your web browser cache and cookies

Browser caches and cookies store info offline. While this info helps speed up loading succeeding sessions of connected sites, if corrupted, it deserve to prevent the site from loading. The very same thing can take place to Facebook.

The procedure because that clearing cache and cookies in Firefox is together follows:

Click Library and also choose background -> Clear existing History.In the Clear, All background window, choose the Cache and also Cookies checkboxes.Select All as a time interval.Click Clear currently to delete the cache and cookies.

Follow the steps below to clear your Google Chrome cache and also cookies:

Open Chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the Google Chrome resolve bar.Select “All the time” as the time selection and examine the boxes for cookies and other website data, and also cached images and files.Click clean data come delete the files.

Remove trouble extensions from her browsers


Problem extensions can also cause a “Sorry, something walk wrong” on facebook login error. To inspect this, shot opening your browser in private browsing mode. If the prompts girlfriend to do so, execute not select the option to activate extensions.

If Facebook works well in private web browser mode, you have the right to remove problem extensions, specifically those concerned Facebook.

Reload the site


Sometimes you have to be patient since the trouble may it is in temporary. However, you deserve to also shot reloading the internet page by bypassing the cache – push the key mix CTRL+Shift+R.

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Frequently asked Questions

Why does Facebook save saying "Sorry, something go wrong"? If you get this error message, girlfriend may have actually a cache trouble or a conflict in between the Facebook customer and recently added browser extensions.