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✔️Last updated: July 2021

✔️ Customer Rating: 4.5/5
✔️ MA Customer suffer Score: 7.3/10
✔️ Type: Memory Foam
✔️ Firmness: Plush
✔️ Free Shipping & Returns
✔️ 90-Night Sleep Trial
✔️ 10-Year limited Warranty

Our assessment: Zinus Spa emotion is a plush all-foam mattress through Zinus that’s made through pressure-relieving Theratouch memory foam and infused through cleansing green tea and charcoal. The sold just through Walmart, for this reason you acquire their 90 work trial period, add to the low prices and 10 year warranty common of Zinus mattresses.

Who Is the Zinus Spa emotion Mattress ideal for?

Zinus Spa Sensations is best for:Zinus Spa Sensations may not be finest for:
Side sleepersBack sleepersBudget shoppersThose with back painCouplesStomach sleepersThose who like the firm feel of a feather mattress

Zinus Spa emotion Mattress evaluation Highlights


The Spa emotion mattress by Zinus is design to make you feel prefer you had actually a luxury visit come the spa every time you wake up. We want to see if this mattress might stand up to its name, for this reason we brought it into our sleep lab because that evaluation. In this review, we’ll walk you v what us found, including pros/cons, check scores, and buyer info.

Special features:

Zinus mattresses room generally really budget-friendly, and the Spa emotion mattress is no exception. A queen size expenses only $389.The premium Theratouch storage foam layers space so plush, you might imagine the you’re on a pillow peak mattress. The all-foam building and construction of the Spa sensations mattress relieves pressure that can develop up near your joints and cause pain and also stiffness.Zinus ships your mattresses compressed into one box, so delivery and also setup space easyGreen tea extract to reduce odors and energetic charcoal keeps your mattress fresh and dry.
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Mattress torture Score

Once we got our Spa emotion mattress, us took right into our review lab, whereby our testers performed 14 assessments the revealed exactly how well the mattress performed. Friend can check out just how the Spa emotion mattress scored below, and also read much more about our review procedure here.

Mattress advisor TestScore (Out the 10)
Trial Period9
Return Policy7.5
Motion TransferPending
Edge SupportPending
Pressure ReliefPending
Spine AlignmentPending
Customer Service8
Social Impact2
⭐Total Customer endure Score for the Zinus Spa emotion Mattress: 7.3/10⭐

Test High and also Low Points

✅ ProsPressure Relief: The Spa sensations mattress is topped v a deep great of plush memory foam that conforms to her body, efficiently lifting weight off that your push points.Motion Isolation: three foam great absorb motion prior to it deserve to travel indigenous one next of the mattress come another, so you experience fewer disruptions while girlfriend sleep.Cooling: While memory foam has a reputation of gift hot and also heavy, the addition of a gel memory foam class keeps the median sleeper temperature neutral instead of sweaty. Warranty: most mattresses last around 10 years, i beg your pardon is likewise how long the Spa sensations mattress is covered against manufacturing defects.❌ ConsExpanding: In rarely cases, it can take up to 72 hrs for a Zinus mattress to broaden to its complete size.Durability: Generally, all-foam mattresses space not as durable as hybrid or innerspring mattresses.Edge Support: Many reviewers have remarked the this mattress doesn’t have actually the finest edge support.
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Feel and Firmness

Zinus rates the Spa emotion mattress together plush, yet we think that closer come medium-soft. Lighter-weight customers even say it feels closer come a medium or medium-firm mattress.




How lot Weight Does it Support?

The twin size Spa emotion mattress can support a max load of 250lbs, when all other sizes have the right to support as much as 500lbs. Soft, all-foam mattresses favor the Spa Sensations are the ideal fit for those with little or typical body types. More heavier sleepers might feel prefer they’re sinking too far into the mattress, and also will fare much better on a firmer foam mattress or hybrid mattress.

Bed Frames Match

Zinus specifies that the Spa sensations mattress can be stored on any supportive crate spring or platform bed.


Zinus purchasing Information

Next, we’ll cover all the need-to-know details about actually buying your Spa emotion mattress.

DeliveryFree shipping, bed-in-a-box delivery
Trial Period90 nights
Warranty10-year warranty
Return PolicyFree returns, complete refund

Shipping and also Delivery

Walmart pearl your new mattress for free in as fast as 2 days, depending upon where friend live. You’ll discover your precise delivery date at checkout. Walmart doesn’t market white glove delivery or old mattress removal, so you might need to speak to up a girlfriend for help.

Trial Period

Walmart customers obtain a 90-night sleep trial, therefore you can test out your new bed in ~ home. The typical mattress trial duration is 100-nights, however three month is usually enough time to readjust to a new mattress and also evaluate even if it is or not it’s the ideal fit.


Zinus extends your 10-year limited warranty come mattresses offered through authorized retailers prefer Walmart. The Spa emotion mattress warranty starts right after the trial duration ends, and covers workmanship and material defects.

To file a claim, send a request on the Zinus website. You’ll need to have actually registered her mattress top top the website and also have your initial receipt handy. When your claim is approved, you’ll obtain either a replacement mattress or prorated refund. 

Zinus customer Service

The help Center ~ above the Walmart website has answers come an exhaustive list of questions about their products and also return policy. If you don’t find the info you need there, you can request that a live rep call you, or you can offer them a call at (800) 925-6278.

Alternatively, you deserve to reach out to Zinus directly. Their customer service team is accessible 24/7 at (800) 613-1225 and customerservice

Return Policy

Walmart accepts mattress returns and exchanges as much as 90 days after your purchase. Visit the keep where girlfriend bought your mattress or go to the Walmart website to start the return process. You’ll require your receipt or stimulate number. If friend don’t have actually either, Walmart can look increase your acquisition with your debit/credit card number or phone and also email.

Note: If friend bought your Zinus mattress from an authorized retailer various other than Walmart, you’ll need to reach the end to their customer business team around their return policy. 

Is the Zinus Spa sensations Mattress for You?

The Spa sensations mattress is a worthwhile value buy if you’re in the sector for a brand-new memory foam bed, however don’t want to invest a lot. The foam great are push relieving and supportive, and also the plush firmness is best for side sleepers.

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If you looking to invest in a an ext durable mattress, the Leesa memory foam mattress is a medium-firm alternate that earn a near perfect score for durability. Also, if she concerned about getting too warm at night, take into consideration the Zinus Hybrid mattress. It has actually a breathable coil base layer and also cooling gel-infused memory foam; plus hybrid mattresses are far better suited come those v heavier body types. 

Compare Zinus Spa Sensations

The Spa emotion mattress is normally softer and an ext affordable than various other bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses. 

For example, the Casper Element and Tuft & Needle room both medium-firm mattresses. You i will not ~ sink together deep into the foam great on medium-firm beds. The Casper facet costs between $395–$795 and the Tuft & Needle arrays $350–$750—both of i m sorry are around $100–$400 an ext than the Spa Sensations.

The TempurCloud mattress through TempurPedic is a deluxe bed-in-a-box mattress v a tool firmness. It costs thousands more than the Spa Sensations and also sleeps especially warmer, but it’s additionally incredibly press relieving and motion isolating. 

The Spa emotion 8” memory Foam mattress has actually a slightly firmer feel than the 12” version and also costs even less ($149–$289). That works best for kids and also lightweight sleepers.