One-Punch Man: 10 Weird facts You never ever Knew around Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Speed-o"-Sound Sonic has come to be a One-Punch guy fan favorite, yet casual viewers might not be aware of exactly how intriguing the troublemaker in reality is.

Speed-o"-Sound Sonic is One-Punch Man"s resides anti-hero/pseudo-villain/Saitama rival. The ninja is very first introduced as Zeniru"s bodyguard but quickly becomes appropriate to the story together a whole. Like most of the personalities in the series, Sonic derives pleasure from fighting an effective opponents.

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Unfortunately, gift the protagonist"s rival method he"ll never ever be much more than second-best and that frustration drives Sonic"s whole arc. The has end up being a pan favorite, however casual viewers can not be conscious of exactly how intriguing the troublemaker actually is. Here are 10 weird facts you never ever knew about One-Punch Man"s Speed-o"-Sound Sonic.

Speed-o"-Sound Sonic is always prepared because that battle, even if it is he"s armed or not, but nine times out of ten you"ll uncover him wandering approximately with his token ninjatō. He"s likewise known for carrying kunai and special shurikens the either explode on affect or provide a smokescreen for cover.

Most ninjas space so formidable the no one ever stops come ask this one an extremely valid question: Where do they acquire all those weapons from? The prize is more reasonable 보다 you"d expect, at the very least in Sonic"s case. That buys them from a tools shop. An easy as that.

9 The currently Under His eye Are Sports-Related

Speed O Sound Sonic One Punch guy feature
Sonic"s distinctive look can partly it is in attributed to his hair or outfit, but the purple marks under his eyes are typically considered his most distinguishable feature. However, these aren"t distinct ninja marks v some obscure or special meaning. They to be actually inspired by sporting activities — American football, to be exact.

In that exact same vein, the marks likewise serve together a referral to Eyeshield 21. The American football collection is depicted by Yusuke Murata, who is the artist behind the redrawn One beat Man manga.

Sonic"s culinary skills were displayed in the One beat Man anime throughout a humorous sequence where he cook a monster cell. The step is also present in the manga, despite the enjoy the meal arguably looks much better in color.

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This doesn"t necessarily do Sonic a peak chef, however it must require some level of talent to do a monster cabinet look edible. On optimal of that, he combine the plate through a glass of red wine, i m sorry is recognized to match most meats. The guy knew what he to be doing.

7 He Misinterpreted The Reason Behind His Weight Loss

This fun fact correlates through Sonic"s aforementioned culinary skills because, in his effort to become a monster, the ninja actually gave himself stomach problems. Monster cells room meant come be consumed raw, so cooking them negates their results (and sends you come the toilet, apparently).

Sonic"s diarrhea was so extreme that he finished up losing about 2 kilograms — about four and a half pounds — in the process. That presumed the the weight loss to be the an outcome of his "monster transformation". The fact is the the cabinet did absolutely nothing besides aid him trim a few pounds.

Speed-o"-Sound Sonic and loyal Saitama disciple Genos have currently crossed routes in the storyline. The two sparred for fairly a while before being interrupted by the main character. It showed up that the cyborg had actually been defeated, but series creator ONE insists otherwise.

ONE has declared that a fight in between Genos and Sonic would certainly ultimately end in a draw and also not a victory for the ninja, as the season two showdown insinuated. We"d choose to record a petition because that a rematch, please.

5 that Was rather The Troublemaker In Prison

one extra chapter in ~ volume 4 of the One beat Man manga titled "Prison" provided some understanding into Sonic"s life behind bars. Spoiler alert: It was a chaotic mess. To it is in fair, the detention facility he to be confined in was residence to several of the many savage criminals around.

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Sonic called the other prisoners that he would kill lock all and also proceeded come fight them one-on-one. This displeased the prison"s boss and also everyone walk their best to correct your behavior... As well as Sonic, of course.

The Deep Sea King to be a fearsome being the gave virtually every hero that challenged him a nasty beatdown. Sonic organized his own for a respectable amount of time, however he couldn"t gain the top hand on the creature. Nonetheless, ONE has confirmed that Sonic could"ve emerged victorious native this encounter... Through a few stipulations.

For starters, Sonic to be fresh out of prison once he challenged the monster, for this reason he didn"t have any type of of his usual tools on hand. That would require them for his hypothetical win. Secondly, Deep Sea King would need to be in his dry, pre-rain type to be conquered by the ninja.

3 the Bonded with A infant Boar

"The Ninja that Is too Complicated" is the 3rd OVA that the One punch Man collection and countless fans could have to let go the extra episode. We"re introduced to one adorable baby boar called Ino who becomes Sonic"s right-hand piglet because that a while.

The boar becomes fond that Sonic ~ the ninja saves that from a massive snake. The duo trains together and also the relationship is recorded in a sweet maintain montage. After ~ Sonic leaves, Ino stays with an acquaintance named Frank.

Saitama"s figure is underwhelmingly average for such an overpowered character. It"s a running joke within the series, but what you could not understand is that Genos and Sonic were especially designed to look lot cooler than him.

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ONE to plan to use physical illustration to include a gap between Genos/Sonic and Saitama. However, Yusuke Murata"s incredible drawings multiplied that gap in an unforeseen manner. Thus, the ninja and the cyborg finished up looking miles an ext impressive than the most an effective human in the series.

1 He has Nightmares about Saitama

As illustrated in the previously mentioned OVA, "The Ninja that Is also Complicated", Sonic is so scarred through his loss to Saitama that he literally has nightmares about him. In the extra episode, Sonic trains to become stronger and intends to rid self of said nightmares by beating the protagonist.

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As expected, he has yet to endure the success he so eagerly desires. Probably he should focus on besting Genos first, especially since ONE insurance claims that they"re same in regards to strength.

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