Ever wonder what would happen if the earth stopped spinning? Or lost all of its water at once? Or obtained hit by a fish the size of Pluto? In Volume among his well-known Quora answers series, scientific research teacher David Consiglio, Jr. Ponders and logically answers this insane scenarios using well-established scientific methods and also reasoning! Spoiler Alert–Everyone Dies™.

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Interesting bookI liked the concept and also the contents of the book. Although on mine iPad the formatting was messed up. The publications was humorous and interesting, and I introduce it for anyone who likes to ask science questions.

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ns was presented with this little primer on destroying everything in vision by the author in exchange because that a same review. In ~ no time walk Mr. Consiglio offer me money, offer to pay mine children's method through school, or even bribe me v chocolate, a Ferrari, or a date with a hot Hollywood starlet. He did, however, asking me to review Everybody dies (tm), and I accepted. I had seen his posts on Quora.com, and also the responses to them were overwhelmingly positive. Therefore, through all the concerns asked of hello I to be presented v this little primer on destroying everything in vision by the writer in exchange for a same review. At no time walk Mr. Consiglio sell me money, offer to pay mine children"s method through school, or also bribe me with chocolate, a Ferrari, or a day with a warm Hollywood starlet. That did, however, ask me to check out Everybody die (tm), and I accepted. I had seen his short articles on Quora.com, and the responses to them were overwhelmingly positive. Therefore, with all the inquiries asked of him, it was only natural that that would use his skills of math and physics, together with a healthy dose that whimsy, to produce this book.The writer deals with a number of questions that his students as well as strangers have asked him end the years. "How expensive would the median Everyone die scenario be?" "How fast would someone need to be to run to kill an additional person ~ above impact?" (I am no going close to Usain Bolt), and the finest of all, " What would take place if you instantaneously relocated Uranus so the it was poignant Earth?" (Yes, the hoax abound and also I had my very own as well). These 3 chapters, among the many, stand the end to me.Mr. Consiglio faces each question in a an extremely basic, down-to-Earth (no pun intended) manner, showing what would occur and much more importantly, why. The counsels the there are no silly questions. There space only world stupid enough not to ask them. (My words, not his). Every chapter of the book is short, move quickly--always a bonus--and is guaranteed to not just make the reader laugh, but additionally to think "This is good. I"ve learned something."And in this reader"s opinion, I have actually learned a lot. While I appreciated each and every chapter, i think the publication might have operated a bit far better had it contained some actual life monitorings on his students, the troubles they have had understanding math and also physics, and how Mr. Consiglio would certainly have dealt with them top top an individual basis. Also without any personal, genuine life scenarios between him and also Student X, that is, in ~ turns, a funny, morbid, and also ultimately, enlightening read, one which ns recommend to anyone and also everyone. You may die--heck, everybody Dies--but guaranteed, you"ll die v a smile on her face.In Mr. Consiglio"s words: "Embrace her ignorance, and never protect against seeking to to fill the feet in your understanding with knowledge and wit." these are an excellent words to live--and die--by. ...more