Spring consistent Units

Spring consistent definition is related to an easy harmonic motions and Hooke"s law. So, prior to we shot to define spring constant and understand the functions of feather constant, we have to look in ~ Hooke"s law. Follow to the theory of elasticity, as soon as a load is used o a spring it will naturally expand proportionally, as lengthy as the load used is much less than the elastic limit. Now we recognize that when pressure is used on come an object, it has tendency to deform in part way. Consider a spring, once we apply force on one next of the spring, it will obtain compressed, as they room elastic. At this time the feather exerts its pressure in the direction opposite come the used force, to expand to its initial size. Therefore, to define spring constant, we first define Hooke"s law. Hooke"s regulation is defined as the pressure required by the feather to revert to its size is directly proportional to the street of the compression that the spring.

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The picture shows the activity of the spring when pressure is applied to one side.

Spring consistent Definition

To know the spring constant definition, we will certainly look at the Hooke’s legislation formula. Hooke’s regulation formula is also known as the spring consistent formula. The formula is given below.


F = -kx

Spring consistent Units


Where F to represent the restoring force of the spring, x is the displacement of the spring, and also k is well-known as the spring constant. The spring continuous units are provided as Newton every meter.

Now, that we know that k is the spring constant, we will look in ~ spring continuous definition. We specify spring constant as the stiffness that the spring. In various other words, when the displacement that the spring is one unit, we can define spring constant as the force used to reason that claimed displacement. Therefore, it is clear to speak that, the stiffer the feather is, the higher will be its feather constant.

Spring constant Dimensional Formula

According to Hooke’s law, we recognize that,

F= -kx


k= -F/x

Now we understand that the unit of pressure is provided as Newton (N), or together kg m/s2.

Therefore, we can write the dimensional unit together .

We likewise know the dimensional unit that x is given as

Applying spring consistent formula, we get,

k = - >

k= -

The spring constant unit is in terms of Newton every meter (N/m).

Solved Problems

Question 1) A spring is extended by 40cm once a fill of 5kg is included to it. Discover the spring constant.

Answer 1) Given,

Mass m = 5kg,

Displacement x = 40cm = 0.4m

To find the spring constant, we first need to discover the pressure that is acting on the spring.

We recognize that F = m * x

Therefore, F = 5 * 0.4

F = 2N

The load uses a force of 2N ~ above the spring. Thus the feather will apply an equal and opposite pressure of – 2N.

Now, by substitute the worths in the spring consistent formula we get,

k = -F/x

k = -

k = 5 N/m

Therefore, the spring consistent of the feather is 5N/m

Question 2) think about a spring v a spring continuous of 14000N/m. A force of 3500N is applied to the spring. What will be the displacement of the spring?

Answer 2) Given,

Force F = 3500N,

Spring continuous k = 14000N/m,

We can calculate the displacement of the spring by making use of the spring consistent formula.

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x= -F/k

The load uses a pressure of 3500N ~ above the spring. Therefore the feather will apply an equal and opposite pressure of – 3500N.