SQLSTATE <2002> No such record or directory:This error keeps poping up. I have actually installed magento 2.3.5 versionPlease permit me know exactly how to resolve this error



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Why can't I attach to a remote MySQL server indigenous a PHP application, but can connect from mysql-client concern
exactly how To find php.ini? (Ubuntu desk lamp on 18.04) question

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Once, can you check if the MySQL service is up and also running. If the is down, you will need to restart.

service mysql startYou likewise may have actually to readjust the hostname from localhost to in env configuration paper in her magento root directory

Open app/etc/env.phpchange "host" => "localhost" come "host" =>""Save document and retryKeep united state posted, if this worked.

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Cheers,Sri Charan


You’ll many probably have to change the hostname indigenous localhost to in the env configuration file of your Magento application.

First, walk to her Website’s DocumentRoot

cd /path/to/websiteOnce inside open the config file

nano app/etc/env.phpIn there you’ll discover an enviroment referred to as host, readjust it favor so

change "host" => "localhost" to "host" =>""Save the document and reload the website to see if the error is still gift experienced.


I have actually restarted the mysql. After this every thing works fine however after part time that again shows same.

Unable to deal with this. You re welcome help.

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