Great Neck wake up MRI is a practice situated in great Neck, NY. This practice has actually 15 medical professionals in total, including:

12 radiologists

1 surgeon

1 physical therapist

1 neuroradiologist


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Radiologist (12)Neuroradiologist (1)Physical Therapist (1)Surgeon (1)

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Dr. Harold M. Tice MD


Patient Experience:5.0/5.0 (3)

Dr. Robert J. Diamond MD


Patient Experience:3.9/5.0 (6)

Dr. Man L. Ricci MD


Patient Experience:3.6/5.0 (32)

Dr. Lisa A. Corrente MD


Patient Experience:3.4/5.0 (33)

Dr. Samuel M. Mayerfield MD


Dr. Marc J. Katzman MD


Dr. Mark J. Decker MD


Patient Experience:4.0/5.0 (4)

Ethan J. Liebler PT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Note J. Lodespoto MD


Dr. Denise M. McCarthy MD


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600 north Boulevard

Suite 117

Great Neck,NY11021

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Call:(516) 478-0004

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Jacqueline Caufield PT

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