Today, I’m to run to a Starbucks near me because the Starbucks because that Life 2016 is on. And just favor last year, I will be wonder what room the Starbucks for Life Rare pieces 2016 during this Starbucks holiday Game.

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This year again, there are four “Collect and Win Game” prize varieties including Starbucksfor Life, Starbucks because that a Year, Starbucks because that a Month, and Starbucks for a Week. As with previous execution of the Promotion, every prize kind has three unique Starbucks for Life game Pieces. Two video game pieces for each prize type are taken into consideration as common. These video game pieces will certainly be awarded on regular basis to players. However, there will be a limited number of the 3rd Game pieces for each prize type, likewise known together the rare Starbucks because that Life Piece.

If you space lucky sufficient to collect all 3 distinct game piece in one row, including this year’s rarely ones, you victory the prize connected with the game pieces.

I have created a list of every Starbucks for Life rarest game pieces in stimulate to assist you figure out what room the common and also rare game pieces. Check it the end below and be certain to come earlier each time you get a brand-new game piece on your game board to find out if you have actually a Starbucks for Life Rare game Piece.

List Of all Starbucks because that Life rare Pieces

I’m already doing part research and I’ll have actually the answer for you! Also, save in mind the the rare game pieces in the joined States might not it is in the same as the people in Canada. We’ll figure out this information too.


Starbucks for Life Prize

Oliver the Reindeer (Reindeer)Silver Bells (Silver Bells)Snowflake (Snowflake)

Number the rare game pieces: 5Rarest game Piece (USA): SnowflakeRarest video game Piece (CANADA):


Starbucks because that A Year Prize

Winter City (CityScape)Polar bear (Polar Bear)Chili lamp (Chili)

Number the rare video game pieces: 25Rarest game Piece (USA): Polar BearRarest game Piece (CANADA):


Starbucks for A Month Prize

Cozy Yeti (Yeti)Snowboots (Snowboots)Brad (Ginger Cookie)

Number of rare game pieces: 125Rarest game Piece (USA): SnowbootsRarest game Piece (CANADA):


Starbucks because that A mainly Prize

Goat (Goat)Candy Cane (Candy Cane)Caramel (Bernard)

Number of rare game pieces: 500Rarest video game Piece (USA): GoatRarest game Piece (CANADA):


125 Bonus Stars

Ms. Sprinkles (Cat)Grandma’s Mittens (Mittens)Christmas Pickle (Pickle)

Number that rare video game pieces: 50,000Rarest game Piece (USA): Grandma’s MittensRarest game Piece (CANADA):


50 Bonus Stars

Place through the Hearth (Fireplace)Ski Champion (Ski)Professor Owl (Owl Scarf)

Number of rare video game pieces: 100,000Rarest video game Piece (USA): Ski ChampionRarest video game Piece (CANADA):

What are The Starbucks because that Life rarely Pieces?

Now that we know what are the Starbucks for Life video game pieces, what are the Starbucks for Life Rare game Pieces?

At this point, we space still trying to figure out every this. Us will keep you updated soon.

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However, it shows up that the rare pieces could be different relying on your country. Numerous Canadians seems to be missing totally different video game pieces.

Please allow us know if you regulated to acquire most of game pieces. The continuing to be ones must be the most sought after game pieces. And also be sure to show your nation when you leave a message!