Carrie Underwood is one American singer, songwriter, and also actor. In 2005, she became famous through winningof the fourth Season of American Idol TV show. She has plenty of hits to her credits and has additionally bagged assorted awards for her singles and also albums. Carrie Underwood is her real name. The full name sound Carrie Marie Underwood. The singer’s network worth estimated at $85 million.

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Parents and Siblings

Carrie Underwood was born top top 10th march 1983 in Muskogee, OK and now she is at age 38. She father’s name is Stephen Underwood and he was a worker in a carton factory. She mother’s surname is Carole Shatswell, she to be an elementary institution teacher. Carrie’s parents space still alive, regardless of the rumors, the her dad died. They celebrated 50th wedding anniversary in 2018. Carrie is the youngest of 3 daughters in the family. Her sisters’ names space Shanna and Stephanie.

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Carrie Underwood's sisters: Stephanie U. Shelton and also Shanna Underwood


The singer was increased on the family farm in little rural Checotah town. Together a child, she sang in ~ her local church and for local occasions in her hometown. Carrie graduated from Checotah High college in 2001.


In 2005, Carrie’s career started with her first single “Inside your Heaven” which debuted in ~ No. 1 position on the Billboard charts. She became the an initial country music artist to ever debut in ~ #1 position at the Billboard. “Inside your Heaven” wasthe only single by a solo country performer to ever before reach the #1 place in the 2000 decade.

Carrie’s Discography

Debut album “Some Hearts”It released in the very same year and sold 315,000 copies. The album ended up being the best selling album of 2006 across all music genres in the USA.Album “Carnival Ride”“Carnival Ride”, Carrie Underwood’s second album, was released in 2007. The debuted in ~ #1 across Billboard, Top nation Albums and also Canadian Album Chart and also sold 527,000 duplicates in the very first week itself.The third album“Play On”The 3rd studio album, “Play On”, to be released in 2009 which as soon as again, debuted in ~ the top position, marketing over 318000 duplicates in the very first week. Underwood’s first tour, the “Play ~ above Tour” started in in march 2010 and ended in January 2011.Album “Blown Away”The next 4th album, “Blown Away” was released in march 2012, selling 267,000 copies in its first week.“Storyteller” AlbumHer 5th studio album, “Storyteller” debuted in October 2015. Underwood functioned on this album native the start of 2014, however, had to suspend the work due to the fact that of she pregnancy. She drew inspiration for the title of the album from the general storytelling element of nation music. The album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and also became a advertisement success. Alongside, the made Underwood the only country singer to have actually all 5 of she albums in No.1 or No.2 position at the Billboards 200. The album has actually sold 377,800 copies so much in the US.

Career Highlights

Billboard claimed “Some Hearts” as the No.1 nation Album the the 2000 decade and Carrie Underwood became the best female singer ~ above Billboard’s best Country Artists the year.

American Idol Award

Carrie Underwood auditioned for American Idol in 2004 and soon secured her place in the show. Referee Simon Cowell predicted the she would be among the top contenders for the championship. Underwood dominated the vote every week and also won the American Idol Award, together with a recording contract precious a million dollars in ~ least and also a Ford Mustang Convertible and also the usage of a private jet for one year.

Other Awards and Achievements

Throughout her decade of the music career, Underwood has won seven Grammy Awards, eleven Academy of nation Music Awards, ripe American Music Awards, seventeen Billboard Music Awards and also five ar Music combination Awards, personally from many other awards. In 2008, she was invite to join the cool Ole Opry.

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Personal Life

Carrie Underwood married hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010. Their son, Isaiah Fisher was born in February 2015 and now the is 4 year old. Carrie is pregnant in ~ the moment and family is expecting their second child. In 2019, she is going to be a mother of two kids.