Started play NG+. So ns was wondering, has actually anyone questioned CD Projekt Red about this sh*t quest(Stranger In A weird Land) and got a response? Don't obtain me wrong, this is like the best RPG I've ever played. This is like one of the most frustrating if no the most frustrating pursuit in this game. The made me departure the game right now. Did any of the devs have any open comment around this quest? ns feel choose if just I could've killed/hurt those 2 lying witnesses (who claimed Geralt can't take it them on) then ns would've forgiven this quest. Ugh!!


But... That quest pretty lot perfectly reflects what the Witcher gamings are about.

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You can't conserve everyone, a witcher will always be hated, the civilization sucks and also Geralt somehow needs to survive in it.

Excluding the required knock-out for Geralt in the fistfight (which ns really disliked for apparent reasons) this is one of my favourite questlines in the game.

Turn in "Contract: The Phantom that Eldberg", get jumped on by a couple boys. Finish up having actually to death them and also go to prison for it.

Quest never ever triggers if you've already done "King's Gambit" before transforming in the contract, though.

I assumed it was highly unlikely anyone can knock me down in a fight, yet otherwise it was a good quest.

that is precise the just quest i did not do in every one of my playthroughs, and i don't understand why even

I have the right to confirm, if friend wait until after King's Gambit to collection your reward native Jorund, the brawl never ever takes place and also Jorund lives, hence bypassing this stupid quest entirely.

I am led to believe that if wait because that Bran's plan to be affected by each other fruit and also Lugos to get his before going come the inn to finish The Phantom that Eldberg, then the second brawl and also forced knockout does no take place.

I'm wait to check this theory, I have completed all but the last step and will execute so as soon as I've taken treatment of Lugos.

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I might slaighter an entire village in the an initial game, cut down a Nilfgaardian battalion in the second, however I couldn't take out that shoddy ass village. Yeah, the railroading in the one never sat best with me.

"Madman Lugos: i paid for her freedom. You are now in blame to me. How are you gonna pay me?" Geralt(has a million crowns in inventory): 1.) ns don't have the coin, you know that/ 2.) I deserve to pay you installments we witchers live long." Dafuq??!?!?