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Access your saved cars on any kind of device.Receive Price alarm emails when price changes, new offers become easily accessible or a automobile is sold.
You"re now logged in as and also will get alerts as soon as price changes, new offers become obtainable or a automobile is sold.
Access your conserved cars on any kind of device.Receive Price alarm emails once price changes, new offers become accessible or a auto is sold.
You"re now logged in as and will obtain alerts as soon as price changes, new offers become easily accessible or a automobile is sold.
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May 17, 2019

Have you ever come the end to your car during the summer after ~ its been food preparation in the sunlight all day only to find that the air conditioning is blowing warm air? maybe it starts out cold climate goes to blowing warm air. If the AC in your vehicle isn"t working precisely as it should, it"s more than likely time to carry the car to a neighborhood authorized service center like ours at Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City, CA. Our factory-trained technicians recognize all over there is to know around automotive AC systems, and also they"re your ideal option for obtaining that cool refreshing air earlier in your car. Below, us look at six of the an ext common factors we view for a automobile AC device not working. If friend have any kind of questions, please give us a call, schedule a company appointment online, or just stop by our Subaru car and SUV repair shop in ~ 480 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063.


6. Your vehicle AC might Have A poor Expansion Valve

Air conditioning solution are complicated marvels of contemporary engineering. Among the many components is a thing referred to as an expansion valve. This is responsible because that doling the end the proper amount that refrigerant. The most usual symptom that a poor AC development valve is air the starts out cold yet then go warm before sometimes returning to cold again.


5. A bad AC Dryer may Be to Blame

Another component of her car"s AC system is a point that technicians speak to a dryer. While this part serves together something the an assistant tank for excess refrigerant, it additionally helps to remove moisture from the system. Typically, once the AC dryer go bad, you"ll begin to an alert a moldy smell once the AC is on. If the dryer fails, it can additionally cause her AC come blow hot air.

4. Did The AC Condenser acquire Damaged?

It may not seem like it, yet air air conditioning works since the refrigerant gets rid of heat from the air. The then needs to relax the heat, and that"s wherein the condenser comes in. This component looks a lot like the radiator and is even commonly positioned by the engine"s radiator. It"s called a condenser since the refrigerant will shed its heat as that condenses inside. Because it"s appropriate up prior by the radiator, things choose rocks, a bad pothole, or a hidden curb can damage it and permit all the refrigerant come leak out. That will certainly certainly an outcome in her car"s AC not working at all.


3. The AC Compressor Switch might Be Bad

The refrigerant inside your car"s AC mechanism is circulated by a special compressor. Girlfriend may recognize this component as the thing that kicks on and off as soon as the AC is running. The on and off is activate by a one-of-a-kind switch referred to as the AC compressor switch, which helps keep the circulation the refrigerant so the right amount of pressure remains consistent. If this move goes bad, the compressor might never revolve on, or it could stay on also long and damage various other parts of the AC system.

2. AC Compressor has actually Died

The AC compressor has a huge job of consistently being cycled on and off. The takes a toll fee on even the finest made Subaru parts. If your car"s AC compressor walk out, you"re most likely looking at among two methods of getting the trouble solved. Sometimes, merely replacing the clutch in the AC compressor will settle the problem. However, it"s just as common for the whole AC compressor to need replacement. One of two people way, we"ll probably need to recharge your AC system to acquire it functioning again.

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1. Difficulties With AC Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the life-blood of any air conditioning system. It"s particularly engineered to cycle between liquid and gaseous claims to remove warm from the air and create that cool breeze from automobile vents that we all need. You may recognize this refrigerant by among its brand names that rhymes v neon. Every little thing you contact it, this refrigerant must be at precise level because that the AC to occupational right. While overfilling is a usual problem for those who rotate to that cheap AC-in-a-can recharge kit, our authorized company center most commonly sees refrigerant difficulties caused through leaks. We can discover these leaks quickly and easily by adding a distinct dye to the system.


Carlsen Subaru

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