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The demon-killing knife in Supernatural, generally referred come as just “the Knife” is definitely one that the most helpful (and interesting) tools that have actually come into the Winchesters’ arsenal. The knife an initial appears in the season 3 premiere together with the introduction of the demon Ruby.

SAM: Bobby, the knife – what sort of blade can kill a demon?

BOBBY: Yesterday, ns would have actually said there to be no such thing.

DEAN: I’m simply gonna ask it again – who was that masking chick? Actually, the much more troubling question would be, exactly how come a girl can fight much better than you?

— 3.01 The splendid Seven

So wherein did the ide of this knife originate from?

The death of the Demon

Unlike many of the various other defenses that can be used against demons, the knife actually kills the demon rather than sending out them earlier to hell (for instance how an exorcism would) as long as the knife is making use of in a killing blow (not simply a scratch). It has a similar effect come the Colt, which also kills a demon.

The knife death demons totally – its a hand-to-hand version of the Colt.

— Eric Kripke

However, some greater level demons carry out not have actually a weakness because that the blade: Alastair, Abaddon and Cain room all immune to its power. Return they cannot be killed by the blade, it can still reason them pains (for instance when Dean tortures Alastair).

There are some greater level demons who have not to be stabbed with the knife: Azazel, Lilith and Crowley. However, Lilith and also Crowley both express a are afraid of the blade, indicating the it could have more than likely at least hurt them.

A demon who’s immune come salt rounds and also devil’s traps… and Ruby’s knife? Dean, Lilith is scared of the thing!

— Sam, 4.02 are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester

The Knife and the crucial of Solomon

Within Judeo-Christian tradition, King Solomon (the boy of King David) supposedly collected all that his expertise in a publication called the Key of Solomon, although a full version that the book has never ever been found. Solomon had knowledge about how come control and summon all kinds of spirits, consisting of demons. You deserve to read a little much more about the Key of Solomon and its relevance to the Devil’s catch in my post around demonology.

It has also been speculated the Ruby actually made the knife herself quite than finding it, as she had the knowledge to create additional bullets for the Colt.

As the show went on, the knife came to be less typically used once the Winchesters began using angel chisels instead, as they are much more easily obtainable and also have the added capacity to death angels (this knife has actually no result on an angel at all).

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