In Wednesday’s double-elimination illustration of “Survivor: game Changers,” title “Parting is together Sweet Sorrow,” two back-to-back football player areblindsided, one alliance isbroken, and also a mystery advantage isused — twice.To see exactly how it every played out, review our Season 34, episode 13 recap below and then update your “Survivor” guess in our weekly event.

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Following Sierra Thomas‘s elimination critical week and the watch of feigned surprise that Sarah Lacina provided at lack council, Andrea Boehlkeisonto Sarah’s game play, deducing the she’s make the efforts to do friends with every one of the jury members. When Andrea ismostly right — Sarah’s expressions were strictly in the hopes that Sierra would provide her the legacy advantage — she can’tget enough human being on her side to vote out Sarah. ~ Aubry Braccowins her very first individual immunity challenge, thealliance of 5 ladies agrees to get rid of physical threat Brad Culpepper. However, Cirie Fields and also Sarah rather concoct a arrangement to send homeAndrea.

At the first of two tribal councils, Aubry and also Andrea both poll to oust Brad, yet unbeknownst to them Cirie and also Sarah’s setup isabout to concerned fruition. They controlled to convince Michaela Bradshaw to join them in voting the end Andrea, with the three males — Brad, Tai Trang and Troyzan Robertson — likewise choosing to eliminate the three-time player. Thus, Andrea is got rid of in eighth place after cross the 100-day mark for she time ~ above “Survivor.”

After Brad wins the second immunity challenge, it’s scramble time ago at camp together the ladies should decide who their replacementtarget is. As soon as Tai throws Sarah’s name the end to Aubry, Sarah later on accuses Aubry that lying, not believing the Tai is comes after her. Together a loyalty pledge to Cirie, buy it decides to lend she the benefit that enables her come steal a vote. Cirie then tells Michaela that sarah is acting foolish in not believing Tai wants to get rid of her, therefore Cirie comes up through a wild plan: steal Sarah’s vote at lack council and also use both votes to remove Tai.

Unfortunately, Cirie’s plan comes v a hitch as she does no “read the good print” top top the benefit that says the two-vote steal may not be supplied by anyone other than Sarah. Thinking Cirie is make the efforts to rotate on Sarah, sarah whispers something come Tai, which then prompts Cirie and Michaela to disclose their true arrangement to Sarah. After one more round that panicked whispering, the votes are ultimately cast and the person got rid of is … Michaela?! exactly how did that happen? We room still scratching ours heads, but it looks together though Sarah supplied her very own two-vote benefit to ensure that Michaela went house instead of Tai.

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