Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works is a Floral Fruity fragrance because that women. Sweet Pea was introduced in 2007. Height notes space Sweet Pea, Tayberry, Pear and also Black Currant; middle notes are Raspberry, Freesia and Pink Peony; basic notes are Plum Tree and Musk.

Sweet Pea is a female limited edition fragrance released in 2007. Top notes are romantic, blending sweet pea blossom v watery pear aromas, rhubarb, violet, plum, red apple and also bergamot. The heart complies with with cyclamen, blue freesia, raspberry, Madonna lily and orange blossom, drying under to the basic of musk, sandalwood and heliotrope. The perfume is easily accessible as 50 ml edt, v the additional body care line.

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Once ~ above a time, method back when this fragrance was reasonably new, I used to yes, really love it. It"s pretty, flirty, and also sweet, and also there appears to it is in a present of violets in there--and I do enjoy the scent of violets. I maintained the human body spray in the refrigerator for an extra cooling spritz, and I provided it often. As the years went by, a lovely family members member gifted me v the edt, at the very least 2 party of the body spray, and a wallflower. And...I burned out on Sweet Pea. Ns now found it much less refreshing and an ext cloying, together if Kool-Ade had produced a floral version of their drink. I will always treasure my bottle of edt, together a reminder of the wonderful girlfriend who gave it to me, and also of a specific time in my life. I hope to usage up much more of the body spray, however I doubt the I will certainly repurchase. I would recommend it to others, due to the fact that it is pink and also frilly and also fun. But I would additionally caution them to usage it sparingly, due to the fact that sometimes too lot of a good thing is simply too much.

This website has actually launch dates all wrong. Sweet Pea come out in choose 1992-93.

Sweet Pea to be my an initial fragrance back in high college as it was for numerous of us. That floral, sweet and also yet fresh. No cloying in anyway. The perfect for day-to-day just to run errands. I’m practically 30 now and it’s tho in my constant rotation. :)
Candy, jellies and also gummies! This just reminds me that the bright green/orange/red jellies I offered to eat together a child. I assumed I wasn"t a gourmand person but this is life-changing. The is gourmand but an ideal for the humid climate of SEAsia. The lasts top top clothes, although the is really light. An excellent to class with various other mists and perfumes. Over there is a small floral yet it is mostly simply fruity candy.
Fresh, sweet and also effortless... I have actually seen this and also smelled that on family and friends for years yet up until recently i don"t think i actually owned a bottle. Maybe many years back i might have had actually the human body lotion. I use to think this was too sweet however with all the very sweet fragrance so plenty of companies have been putting out this is actually no so sweet at all. Through that stated i lastly can speak i like sweet pea an extremely much and she will be staying in mine collection.
Usually, sweet fragrant smell destructive on me. Well, not disastrous per se, but eventually they gain overbearingly sweet come the allude of make me dizzy ~ a couple of hours. This odor though, is nothing like that, probably reason I use the body mist, but still, the smells prefer a tart, sweet candy. Its sweet is not cloying, however I feel favor it diverts more to a fresh-like sweetness on me; the reminds me a bit of be Delicious by Donna Karen, not because they odor alike, but since it has actually that kind of cake sweet quality.It"s a really linear scent, I"d say; constantly smells the same and also doesn"t have much depth to it. Still, I prefer this scent really much. Perfect because that spraying it on a casual day, or after a shower. The does smell sort of basic, prefer the stereotypical bubbly girl following door, yet I"d say it"s perfect the way. Again, is not intended to it is in a complicated scent you"d wear come a fancy event, fairly something to run errands and keep in a purse or backpack come retouch later.

-Sickly sweet scent.-Reminiscent of Britney spears- personal show. (-)

This smells favor the girl in center school who would passive-aggressively bully you in the bathroom. It"s an pure sugar bomb through a monster opening note that ns guess is the sweet pea??? Yuck
I obtained this as a gift means back when and didn"t use it--and completely forgot about it until newly someone pointed out it. So ns picked increase a bottle. I"m glad ns did! It"s a sweet floral, no cloying. I might see a mrs of any age put on this. It"s delicate and pleasant and perfect for all seasons, though i think it would be at its ideal in the spring, when it"s obtaining warm yet isn"t however hot. It"s storage of White Shoulders there is no the flour or jasmine, just pure floral sweetness to mine nose.
My an initial ever body mist earlier in elementary school school, for sure love it for the nostalgic values, less so for the yes, really fragrance which i felt has readjusted formulas end the years; it provided to be sharper and also sneeze-inducing, now it has actually been reduced down come its bubblegummy version

this is barbie when very first sprayed..after 2 minutes..it fades away....

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I to be not specifically a pan of BBW - too countless fruity-sweety and/or cupcake dessert teenager scents. This, however, I may be in love with. First of all, my grandmother had actually the human body spray that this in her medication cabinet when I to be little, despite as far as i know, never used it. I supplied to covertly spray that on myself after ~ a bath when I"d invest the night at my grandparents", though due to the fact that I sprayed the generously, i doubt it was as lot of a secret as ns hoped. When she ran out, ns forgot all around it until recently. I stopped into a BBW for part soap (their kitchen lemon is pretty nice), and, seeing the bottle, determined to spray part on, because that old time"s sake. I walked out v both the EDP and also the shimmer human body spray. To me, this smells choose a curly headed small blonde girl about five year old, that gets the end of the tub one fine spring morning to be snuggled into a big, fluffy bath towel by her mom. Mom puts a yellow seersucker dress on her and also a bow in her hair, and they go out for a go in the park v their happy-go-lucky gold retriever under the tree in the warming sunshine. Everything is beautiful, and also all is ideal with the world. This odor is therefore innocent, therefore sweet and also springy and also fresh, however not cloying or overly fruity, and also there is not a note of dessert to he found. As far as note go, I acquire a the majority of raspberry, freesia, and also yes, sweet pea. Among my favorite things to do with this is come layer it with Elizabeth Arden environment-friendly Tea once I very first get out of the shower on a summer night. Nice for a date night exterior in the warmth night air, or simply for going come bed and dreaming sweet, innocent dreams. If anyone has actually these 2 scents, ns strongly introduce trying lock layered. The is certain lovely, layered or by itself.7/10
This is such a nostalgic scent, I"ll never ever not love the for that To me, this is a clean sort of sweet. The sweet pea, freesia and peony all produce a fairly soapy accord and it keeps this from gift *just* sweet. I save saying this, but I"m a sucker because that raspberry. Something around that ketone scent simply sets raspberry personal from other fruits. It"s a indescribable tartness. The raspberry in below is sweeter and much more ripe, yet it still adds to counter things a bit.Overall, this is incredibly youthful while no necessarily being juvenile (debatable i suppose, however I feeling comfortable in it at 30). I reap the human body care, and also it"s straightforward to share through my daughters.*update* I"ve destashed this since I"m planning on offering my party of spray and lotion to mine younger sister. She always had this farming up (I had Cucumber Melon and also Black Raspberry Vanilla), and also I think it would be a hoot to offer it to she for her upcoming date of birth!