I know the inquiry sounds stupid since the ocean will nullify any type of devil fruit user's ability, but Señor Pink, indigenous Dressrosa, could swim in any kind of surface (ground, wall,...). Could he possibly swim in water? If sea water nullifies his powers, might he have the ability to swim in a swim pool?


"This fruit's main strength is that it allows the user come swim in solid matter such together ground and walls as if it to be water, the latter even enabling the user come swim upwards, look at disregarding gravity. The also allows the user come submerge right into the ground to prevent colliding with it ~ above falling from a good height by performing a high dive."

Source : http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Sui_Sui_no_Mi

"This fruit does not seem to have actually any details weaknesses, aside from the standard evil one Fruit weaknesses where the user cannot use his strength to swim on actual bodies of water."


sea water (more prefer the sea stones) doesn't nullify persons power however exhausts them come the allude of them no being may be to relocate as seen in the arlong park arc when luffy to be underwater and they extended his neck therefore his head was over the water. Therefore in theory DF customers (including Senor Pink) might swim if they're an effective enough (which i assume Oda won't perform ever).

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Theoretically yes, however not due to the fact that of his DF power.

That is a challenging question. I can be entirely full that shit yet the impression that I gained is he uses a medium for together a form of travel and just moves with it therefore he isn't technically swimming with it simply moving through it. I kind of picture it choose Blueno's fruit, he is probably qualified of creating a door, going v water and also coming out the various other side therefore it might be that as lengthy as Senor Pink's powers are energetic when he goes into the water he have the right to use it as any kind of regular old medium and also move with it.

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It's not really that evil one fruit customers can't swim so lot as they shed all your energy and sink when they space in water. I would certainly assume the he would certainly sink prefer all others


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