This tune starts ~ the villain, Spinel, supplies a Gem Rejuvenator to “reset” Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, and also Sapphire’s gems, resulting in a “system reboot”, therefore the surname of this… read More 

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How do you doMy "Um-Greg Universe?"Thank you because that bringing me right into the worldI am at your eternal serviceWelcome to your new PearlWhat's going on?Could her gem be cracked?It look at fine come meRuby! room you okay?Ah! Who are you? You're not my assignment!I can really usage an explanation here...

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Allow me to illuminate!
A Ruby guardBut simply a solitary oneThey tend to come in teams of 3 or moreA priceless SapphireShe sees the futureThat's that the Ruby's forMy Sapphire! as my sworn duty and also sole purpose, ns will defend you through my life!I know you will, that's why ns predict you won't last more than a dayHuh?Come nowAmethyst!Hey, Amethyst?Hey, Amethyst?
What? No, you're Amethyst!What? No, you're Amethyst!You need to be rightThis is one AmethystExcept one Amethyst is huge and strongThis one is no the best exampleSomething is clearly wrong(Spoken)I do say, miscellaneous is clearly wrong. What are all these various Gems act in this weird place?Pearl, don't you recognize them? Don't you acknowledge me?Hmm, well, I absolutely recognize my "Um-Greg Universe!"Ohh, boyAs because that you, hmm
Get back!Yippee! I'm therefore excited to satisfy you!You're no mad?Mad? Why would I be mad in ~ my ideal friend?This will certainly be funAren't friend the happy one?Her cut is perfect and she's pink, as wellShe'll bring you limitless entertainmentYour new, ideal friend, Spinel
This track starts ~ the villain, Spinel, offers a Gem Rejuvenator to “reset” Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, and also Sapphire’s gems, causing a “system reboot”, thus the name of this song.

The song’s title end in ‘.info’ express the typical informational text file found in numerous coding/programming languages.

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