Geoff: Well, I"ve been really stressed,and my wellness is gaining worse due to the fact that I haven"t to be going come the gym orgetting enough sleep. I"ve obtained sick double in the last two months!

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Meaning: as soon as something "takesa toll fee on" something, it way that the subject is having actually a negativeeffect top top the thing of the idiom.Usually, the idiom "take a toy fee on" is provided when a human or point hasbeen doing a details action a lot, and that activity is beginning to have actually anegative affect on theperson or thingdoing it. Inthe instance above, Geoff has been functioning late a lot, and the extra time in ~ workand tension is having a an unfavorable impact on, or "taking a toll fee on",Geoff"s health. The expression can beused with the word "a" or "its" interchangeably, for this reason theexample over could have additionally been "Yeah, and also it"s start to take it itstoll top top me" without a readjust in meaning.Look at one more example involving an object that is being affected:
Michael: Yeah, ns love the car, yet traffic isreally start to take its toll on the engine. I"ve damaged down twice in the last month, andthere"s a monster sound comes from under the hood.
Michael: It"s indigenous 1972, and it to be greatwhen ns drove short distances, yet I don"t think it was produced sitting intraffic. Hopefully ns can find acollector who wants to regain it. ThenI can use the money together a down payment on other a small newer and also morereliable.
In this example, Michael states heneeds to gain a new car since the website traffic is "taking the toll" on his current car. He think sitting in web traffic is having actually anegative impact on the older car, so he is thinking around selling it and buyingsomething newer. An alert that Michael supplied "its" rather of"a" in the idiom (although "taking a toll" would also be technicallycorrect in this instance).
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