Cast: Peter Onorati, Sherrie Rose, Stephen Liska, Dianne DiLascio, and also John Kassir

Composer: Nicholas Pike


While attending a Halloween party, Carl (Peter Onorati)—an abusive, hot-tempered guy with a violent history—becomes enamored the a masked, alluring woman by

the surname of Molly (Sherrie Rose). After enjoy it a night the passion, Carl discovers a terrifying mystery about Molly and her former affairs with other men.

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The an initial of 2 Tales indigenous the Crypt contributions from wilhelm Malone (known to fear fans because that directing the remake of House on Haunted Hill), “Only Skin Deep” is a spooky, well-made piece of experimental television. Particularly worth note is the twisted revelation featured in the climactic scene, the shocking and also gruesome nature the which will certainly likely accomplish viewers v a compelling, albeit twisted, desire for justice.


“Only Skin Deep” deserves commendation for its creepy and also surreal atmosphere, adding a hint of ominous ambiguity to the intentions of Molly—a character with implicitly malevolent and supernatural origins. Special, the bizarre camera angles employed through cinematographer Levie Isaacks accentuate the dim-lit surroundings of Molly’s location of residence, heightening the apprehension felt by Carl complying with his intimate encounter with the mrs of his dreams.


Lacking the narrative substance of a typical Tales indigenous the Crypt offering, “Only Skin Deep” (not to be perplexed with “Only Sin Deep” indigenous season

one) fails to maintain a swift and also compelling pace from start to finish.

(Spoilers beyond this point)

In addition to that is thinly written script, “Only Skin Deep” consists of no explanation for why Molly (possibly a succubus or other demonic entity) goes the end of her method to seduce, prey upon, and flay the body of insecure men—an aspect that might annoy those who reap horror mysteries that, even when leaving specific details to the imagination, administer the audience through an all at once sense of closure.


Though there is no of an explicit morality lesson, “Only Skin Deep” demonstrates just how the strength of obsession deserve to poison the mental if left unchecked.

Concluding Comments

“Only Skin Deep” should be praised because that its camp-free tone, disturbing images, and eerie setup from composer Nicholas Pike. The absence of understanding into the motives and personal background of Molly—a most unusual type of serial killer—may, however, evoke criticism native those that appreciate dispute resolution of a logical variety.

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Overall Quality: 7/10

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