Kia has hired Kazoo it take care of its PR task until 2017 following a six-way pitch, instead of incumbent Publicasity which had actually held the account for 7 years.

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This is the latest in a heat of new agency appointments because Mark Hopkins joined the auto machine as marketing manager from Volkswagen in January last year.

He has actually been on a journey to change it into a much more premium brand and brought in a raft of brand-new agencies consisting of SapientNitro and also VCCPme.

The result of the roster overhaul is start to show. At the beginning of the year the axed that product and also service-focused ads in favour that a new strapline, ‘You make us make much better cars’, to try and create an emotional connection with that is customers.

Steve Kitson, Kia Motor’s director of corporate communications, explained: “We want Kia to be viewed as a much more premium automotive brand – one that people aspire come buy, confident in the brand’s quality, safety and design.”

Kazoo’s remit has press office support, brand amplification, spokesperson profiling and extensive comms support for the brand’s network of local dealerships throughout the UK.

Kazoo declined to discuss the financial regards to the appointment.

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